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Coronavirus: Will You Comply With The Government’s Advice?

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naomi24 | 23:59 Thu 19th Mar 2020 | Society & Culture
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Whether you fall into the group classified as ‘at risk’, or are over 70 and advised to remain at home, or younger and fit but requested to abandon your social life, will you comply - and if not why not?

Me? I think we are duty bound.


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Of course we will comply, as you rightly say Naomi we feel we are ALL duty bound to do so. Chillidoubt must feel like banging his head against the wall with some of the responses here. It’s not much to ask to put your social life on hold for a few months is it? Better that than catch this virus or continue the spread of it. I despair at times...
12:12 Fri 20th Mar 2020
I will comply but to be fair it is the normal state of affairs for me.

Other things will impact on me but not the staying home part.
Aye. As you say duty bound

(my fav pub closed on Tuesday because of covid, so maybe easier decision for me )
No, Totally OTT.
Yes, I am complying and will continue to if I can. I think it is selfish not to.
'If I don't come here for my two pints a day I may as well be dead.'

Not my words but an old lad's words at the local.

Husband is in that age range and he is complying. I have to look after him and my 80 year old dad who is not complying. He won’t be told. (Sigh)

I prefer not to socialise so I’m fine (and not over 70).

There are not many cases of definite infection down here so no real worries but the big supermarkets are rammed with huge trolley loads.
May have to sneak out at night foraging though.
With almost no exception, every reason I had for leaving the house no longer applies, due to a combination of cancellation and closure. Therefore, other than going out to enable the on-going acquisition of food and medicine, I'll stay indoors.
Yes as Long as I can... chatting to my Ma earlier (On line) and she's self isolating so no Mothers day visit or Easter celebration this year.
Naomi for once you and I agree. I think we all have a duty so far as we are able.
Yes I am and will. I am worried for my daughter who works in a house looking after abused children. They have two of them isolated at the moment. My daughter was in hospital a while back with fluid on her lungs so I think she might be classed as vulnerable.
If one gets it in there the lot will!
Yes,absolutely.I don't go out much these days anyway so it's no hardship.Can find plenty of things to occupy my time and I can find plenty of things for Mr S to do to occupy his time:)
No, Totally OTT.
Pity, wish you’d been with me today as I was being trained how to set up a ventilator on ITU.

Surreal to see a 6 bedded unit completely empty of patients bar one in the isolation ‘cube’, a man in his mid 30’s with Covid-19 being barrier nursed by a colleague in hazmat equipment. He’s now in multi-organ failure and will pass away imminently.
I really don’t know what advice and tactics we can use in order to shock some people into realising the enormity of what potentially faces us.

Wake up and smell what you’re shovelling, people.
What strange times we live in. Things have moved on incredibly quickly in just a handful of days.
God, Chill, that’s terrible.
I have to admit to being in the ‘it’ll be fine’ group. I’m in an area that has had very few confirmed cases so I am still thinking we'll be alright despite having Husband and dad to look after.

It could all go blollocks up any time soon.
There is an interesting ( though disturbing) article in the daily Mail from a patient in itu with the virus. Worth having a look. ( sorry can’t do links )
Yes. If out I practice distance procedures.
Is that the young man who was on the News Anne?
Obviously not, this chap was only 30 or so too.

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Coronavirus: Will You Comply With The Government’s Advice?

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