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First Time Staying In A Caravan Query?

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cleobella1 | 17:33 Wed 27th May 2020 | Society & Culture
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hi, later this year when allowed my husband and i hope to stay on a caravan park. i was wondering if u all had any good tips.? we do not have a car and it will be our first time. Thanks,


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Caravans are like mini houses now. Usually they come with satellite TV, WiFi, CH and decent showers and cooking facilities.

Where about are you heading for? Other AB users might know of things to do in the area by foot.
Many of our caravan parks are coastal but there will be a regular bus service into the nearest town. Acquaint yourself with the time-table if you don't intend to spend the whole of your holiday in the park.
Agree with ummmm, they are like mini houses (or bungalows). They are usually on lovely country sites or near the coast. I prefer the ones by the coast as I love the sea. Not been to one for ages, but always enjoyed trips there (north Wales).
If you have no car, that will limit your activities. What area are you thinking of going too ?
Check out the area before you go and see what it has to offer, same with things to see and do on site.
I was going to suggest taking your own food for the stay. On site shops/supermarkets can be expensive. But seeing as you haven’t a car.
Bring a bottle
If you've not decoded on a site yet, you definitely need this review website. (It's like a specialist version of TripAdvisor):

Because that site caters for people camping under canvas and/or using their own touring caravans (as well as for people like yourself), you'll need to use the filters available to you (once you've got down to searching a specific county) to select 'Static to rent', as well as applying any other filters that might meet your needs.

Alternatively, since you've not got a car, you might like to start from this list of all sites that have direct access to public transport and then click on individual links to see which ones have static caravans to rent:

That website includes everything from sites that are little more than a few caravans in a field somewhere up to major caravan parks with loads of facilities (often with on-site entertainment too), so you really do need to study each entry (and its associated reviews) carefully to see exactly what's on offer.

Similarly, take care to check out the facilities within any particular caravan (or lodge/chalet) that you might be considering renting. Most modern units have their own WCs and showers but there are still a few more basic caravans offered for hire where you need to walk to a toilet block to go to the loo or take a shower.

Ideally you need to be looking for a site that's close enough to an interesting town for you to be able to walk there, take a bus or get a taxi (so that you'll have something to do during the day, perhaps seeking out a nice pub or bistro) but that's also got a clubhouse (with a bar, and perhaps some entertainment) to occupy your evenings.

If it's important to you, remember to check whethe there's a decent wifi signal any clubhouse there might be. (Read the reviews carefully. Also watch out for any references to there being hardly any mobile phone signal in the area).

Think also about meals. Do you intend to do most of your own catering? (If so, read the reviews carefully to see what any on-site shop might, or might not, be able to provide and/or think about where else you might be able to shop). Or are you hoping to eat out most of the time. (If so, read the reviews to check up on what any on-site catering might be like and/or do some research to find out where the nearest decent pubs might be).

Also check carefully as to exactly what's provided for you within the caravan. Most will come with bedding, etc, provided but a few might expect visitors to supply their own bedding (which could be a pain if you have to lug it half way across the country on public transport). Many caravans will have TV sets in them but some won't so, if you can't do without your regula fix of Corrie, that could be something else to watch out for.

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First Time Staying In A Caravan Query?

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