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How Do You Prevent Yourself From Having A Boring Life?

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Dinkus69 | 19:22 Wed 27th Oct 2021 | Society & Culture
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I mean generally life is boring and negative but how can I combat this and make it a life worth living. Because life is negative, because most people are negative. I got screwed over a lot in life and especially during covid so what are your tips? Because I shouldn't HAVE to rent out a room at a place with no washing machine in my late 20's I should have already had an apartment by now, but these are just simply the TIMES my friend the TIMES.


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Find yourself a job.
'Simply the times' could be seen as simply an excuse. In my mind, life isn't negative and most people aren't negative- you've maybe just been unfortunate (or made some wrong choices along the way).
Do something interesting. Write, paint, talk to people in real life (not here). It seems to me that you are the negative one, so stop blaming others for your boredom. Forgive my bluntness, but I do think you need to act, rather than expecting others to entertain or support you. I shouldn't HAVE to be stuck with an old woman who calls herself a wife; I shouldn't HAVE to be old and incontinent and smelly; I shouldn't HAVE to be what I am, but that's what I am.
There's a world out there with possibilities, so go and grab it.
Best wishes. :-)
seriously? most people are negative? errr no, YOU are negative.
And seriously obsessed with not having use of a washing machine at your abode!
You're very well off compared to some (I didn't have a flat until I was 30, and used the local laundrette for the next 5 years).

Life is what you make it, and if it's boring then so are you.
Th'old folks on here will sort you out, Dinkus. They know MANY things! :o)
You are only in your 20s! When I saw the title I thought it would be something from a retiree like me.
There is no 'should have' in life. This is what you need to grow up for and know. Sorry (and I am, I'd have loved a hand myself) but no-one will help you except yourself. It's real life. I think we do kids a vast disservice by not being more honest when they are teenagers.

If you are unemployed - Tilly has the right answer. If no job offers - volunteer.

Life really is what you make of it (being older, I look back) although everyone has bad luck and problems, some more than others.
Be pro-active - that's my answer.
It could be worse. There might have been a washing machine but nothing to connect it to.

Or is that dry cleaning?
you can quietly run it off the neighbours' wifi.
Make sure you concentrate on enjoying yourself and don't take life seriously.
Life is what you make of it. Excitement isn't going to turn up at your door carrying a washing machine under it's arm.

People give washing machines away nowadays, get on and get a washing machine, that will be exciting learning about all the different programmes and spin speeds. When that gets boring go outside and talk to people, it's free and many people are surprisingly friendly when you initiate the conversation and who knows they may suggest some fun things to do.
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This dinkus says that he lives in Canada. If he had voted for Justin Trudeau in the recent election he would be getting a free washing and drying machine and microwave and toaster oven and car and rent for the rest of his life:)
So…..Justin’s not just a dish then. ;-)
What's a toaster oven?

Dinkus, if you don't have a job do some voluntary work. It can be very enjoyable.
Actually, gness, he's more of a Petri dish, and his name is really Justine Trudy, and his father is Fidel Castro due to a fortuitous trip to Cuba, way back, by Pierre and Margaret Trudeau:)
Were that true I’m sure Pierre would have just shrugged his shoulders as he so often did.
My Canadian daughter, as a baby, did a wonderful impression of the Trudeau shrug.. I said Trudeau….she pursed lips and shrugged. I said Thatcher….she blew a raspberry.
Only you can change your own life, if you are bored then only you can change this, the buck does stop with you. Change your career, go out more, volunteer (it can give you a positive outlook) and biggest thing is don't compare yourself to others, everyone takes a different path in life.

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How Do You Prevent Yourself From Having A Boring Life?

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