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Is The Prophecies Coming True Of

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locust | 10:59 Sat 16th Jul 2022 | Society & Culture
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= Revelations 16. 16- - and who is God's enemies = from revelations we are informed that there will be a gathering of the Nations what is this MEAN ??–AND who is God's enemies ?? ==Revelations .1 3.=== for the time is at hand.


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Why ask us when you're sure you know the answer?
I think he plays for Arsenal now.
Do these religious crackpots actually know that they are crackpots? That is, are they aware how off the wall they actually are?
No, ringlet, I don't believe they are. They think those who don't believe it are the potty people.
Maybe they have a dark sense of humour we don't know about.
look out firstborns!
No to your title question. (Would have thought that obvious.)
Why do all prophecies sound like the writer was very drunk when they penned them ?
Maybe they ran out of water... where's that fella gone...
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Naomi24 11:03 Sat 16th Jul 2022 Why ask us when you're sure you know the answer?

LOCUST ==You keep on saying I am preaching that is correct but let me save - if is possible- for me to help people to save their lives not to destroy them the Bible is my guide I've said this many times before and the Bible is faithful and true to me and maybe many other people so they may not quite understand the importance of the information and need to be updated and to be able to to be ready for the great day of our Lord Jesus Christ arrival in the great day of Armageddon so therefore this is a religious section so therefore don't complain
What little rays of sunshine our fundamentalists are!
The bible is a collection of ancient people's opinions and reports. No one should put too much faith in such in more educated, knowledgeable, and enlightened times. Read such with that in mind.
Locusts, I've read the bible too and I don't see what you see. What if you're wrong and you're leading others astray? Have you ever considered that?
Is the rapture close at hand? I am old and long steeped in sin. Is there anything I can do, even at this late stage, to find a place among the saved?
It's human nature to believe that our view is the right one.

The problem arises when people are so convinced of their superiority, that they push their view onto others, exploiting fears to add weight to what is only their opinion, nothing more or less.
//Is the rapture close at hand? I am old and long steeped in sin. Is there anything I can do, even at this late stage, to find a place among the saved?//

YES - send me all your money & I will get you in - no problem!
Laughing outloud at Davebro's comment.
rev 16 vv 15,16 is ....
15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

and no I dont think it show The Time is at hand.

I think 16 shows the author wrote in Greek and not aramaic with a translation - because in translation, you dont give up and " foo this is hard, I will leave it in the original and make of it what you will". You kinda crash on and do your best

Are you sure that Revelations has ANYTHING to tell us
And is not just a mystic text that went down well 100-500 AD ?
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Hi Dave
IF you believe as some do that every word of the Bible ( yes in English) is god given and true
then revelation is still a bit of a problem

I notice that there is a Scarlet Woman involved so fech off is er fitting.

Hey Dveb - before I fetch off, did ya know that there is an area of Cairo called Babylon and THEY believe the setting is in Egypt ( er Babylon of Cairo in fact)

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Is The Prophecies Coming True Of

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