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Rev. Green | 11:41 Mon 25th Jul 2022 | Society & Culture
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We used to have just a few genders, then LGB, then LGBT. Recently, I heard something like LGBTQ+. Can't we have a word to describe all these conditions? How about 'parasexuals'?


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Parasexual? does that mean they sky dive?
12:01 Mon 25th Jul 2022
as I say the one they seem to have agreed on for being "non-hetero" and also non-cisgender is "queer"... (being non-hetero and non-cisgender are technically very different but those communities have tended to band together for a very long time... product of the history i suppose!)

bit awkward for everyone else as queer was considered offensive a while ago and still can be used pejoratively... but i think a bit of patience while a single word is arrived is not unreasonable! these things can take time and tolerance on these issues is still relatively new
How about ‘others’?
Unititled 12.04, from my point of view - and I think I’m still just about allowed one on this subject - ‘bonkers’ perfectly describes all these ridiculous labels that faceless nonentities, although uninvited, insist upon attaching to all and sundry - and that is not a good look either. Cisgender? Me? Hmmm … and there’s silly me innocently self-identifying as ‘normal’ for all these years. Who’d a guessed? So suitably chastised and thoroughly ashamed of my former lapse, in an effort to become more trendily inclusive I’m currently considering identifying as the latest I’ve heard about - catgender - just for a change. I wonder how my dogs will take it?
Do you consider gay and bi people to be "bonkers" as well as trans people? Because the question is about all of them...
The question is about words.
it's about the words used to group together lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, asexual and others (no idea what the I is)... your suggestion was "bonkers" so it seems reasonable to ask if that applies to lesbian/gay/bi people....

"We used to have just a few genders, then LGB, then LGBT. Recently, I heard something like LGBTQ+Can't we have a word to describe all these conditions? How about 'parasexuals'?"


"How about just plain bonkers?"
I just call them The Alphabet People. I can never remember what they are plus they are always changing and it's quicker to say. Not that I ever have need to say it.
Do people know what you mean when you say "alphabet people" cashier? If I heard that I would think it was a new childrens programme or something :)
It certainly applies to some I’ve come across!

Now there’s a thing. Why are trans people grouped in with gay people? I don’t see the connection there at all - and I know gays who don’t either.
Freaks ?
it's to do with common history i think... they are quite different but they have tended to band together, go to the same places and share a lot in their subculture as best I can understand... I believe quite a high proportion of trans people are homosexual (as in they're still attracted to the opposite of their birth sex... so when they do transition they "become" gay) though I haven't checked so I might be wrong... if I am right about that then it certainly makes sense that they would have a lot of common cause.
biological sex I should say, not birth sex
freaks is a bit derogatory khandro but i suppose that's the point
They sound pretty confused to me.
fatticus perhaps you should change your name to fattipuss then?
There are only two genders: male and female
// biological sex I should say, not birth sex //

is there a difference? you can only (except in a very tiny minority of cases) be born X-X or X-Y - that’s your birth sex, yes? it’s also your biological sex too - what else could it be? science has gust est to get into chromosome engineering necessary to change X-Y to X-X
gust est? YET! poxy autocorrect
yes biological sex and birth sex are the same thing

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