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Who To Report Health And Safety Concerns About Hairdressing Salon To?

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MDWCT2018 | 00:50 Thu 22nd Dec 2022 | Society & Culture
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I went to a new hairdresser salon yesterday and was absolutely appalled by the conditions. It was unhygienic i.e. dust was visible on mirrors, the floor looked grubby, there an overwhelming grimy feel to the place. The hairdressing staff themselves looked unkempt and unwashed. The wash basins were filthy. I don't know how to explain it.... The whole salon was rundown which would not have been as bad were it not for the fact that it was unhygienic and unclean. I think I walked out of it dirtier than when I went in. The toilet had an open bucket of used toilet paper with written instruction to not flush it down the toilet.
If I could've, I would've just walked out but unfortunately once they've put the colour on you have to bide your time. Nonetheless, I remain very concerned about this, especially as it was only last year we were in Covid lockdowns.
Can I report this message to the relevant council as it is clearly a health and safety issue or is there another overseeing body?


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Environmental Health
For clarity, were the instructions written on the toilet paper itself?
Just don't go there again, and warn your friends.
What country were you in?
Uk I think atheist based on prev posts
bobbin, it's just that in some countries or parts of countries they don't put loo paper down the toilet. Perhaps this place is isolated or got a problem with its drains.
MDWCT... have you heard any other bad reports of this place on the grapevine? I would also recommend reporting to the Local Authority's Environmental Health people.
I don’t like the fact they use possibly dirty hair brushes to blow dry hair, when the brushes have been used on other people …. Who might have nits…..
dont go there again
reporting it - - - I wdnt bother.
It sounds as tho it is gonna go down the drain anyway
( ter daah)
BA to Hoppie
....... but, did your hair look nice?
A lovely shade of chocolate brown?

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Who To Report Health And Safety Concerns About Hairdressing Salon To?

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