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Mmiw Is Now A Canada Wide Emergency

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Redhelen72 | 14:59 Wed 10th May 2023 | Society & Culture
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I have read a little about the missing and murdered Indigenous Women and have to say I am very shocked about it.
That in this day and age Indigenous women are treated as almost disposable.


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Is there somewhere you could suggest to read about it?
Question Author
Thanks, I'll have a read when I get a mo.
Louis Theroux made a programme all about this. Life is very cheap for the indigenous pop in Canada, it would seem. The statistics, if true, were appalling.
Certainly awful and I would expect it to get some news coverage in this country but not as an on-going, headline-grabbing story.
My late sister was a teacher on a Indian reservation right up North in the boonies. It took a long train journey and flight by Otter aircraft to get there from Toronto. A mountie visited about every month. Most of the women on the reservation were killed by their drunken husbands . Many a time my sister was called by a distraught child at her door telling her mummy had been hurt by daddy who was angry (meaning drunk)She always attended the scene with a pump action shotgun. If lucky the woman would have been badly scarred. Two or three were killed. One such unlucky child was in my sister's reservation school grew up to be a fine young man, attained a university place and attended her funeral stating he would not have achieved what he did without her help and mentoring. Well done Celia. I'm proud of you sis. I believe the reservation was a place called Yellow Fork if any body knows Canada and how remote it was.
touching words retrocop how awful this is something i remember watching a tv programme about and at the time i was horrified and i actually forgot this may still be going on yes zacsmaster i think it was louis theroux
Having read through it I am quite appalled.

However, shamefully it seems to have got politicised so rather than action stats are argued about.

One thing that did strike me is that this seems to be coming from all sides and coupled with the Indigenous Courts being hand tied is a real issue. It's going to be a long hard road to stop this or even curtail it.
My mistake. Yellow Knife Not Yellow Fork.
That is appallingly awful. It is unthinkable that the plight of abused and murdered women would be ignored or even condoned, because of their ethnic background.
I remember a similar suggestion some years ago about the allegedly uncaring attitude of the Australian authorities to crimes against Aboriginal women.
It is the duty of women all around the world to ensure that this injustice is revealed and dealt with.
If anyone knows of an organisation or group dedicated to helping and supporting indigenous women, I would like to hear of it and hopefully maybe be able to give some support.
Here you go chanel5.

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Mmiw Is Now A Canada Wide Emergency

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