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No it hasn't started (not that I or anybody I know have noticed, anyway).

I'm not going to watch the video. When does it say it will start?
oh hymie you ARE a tease !
everyone knows that we have to follow EU rules if we are to trade with them
only NOW we dont have a say....

that's freedom for you !
Question Author
It’s an oxymoron – Brexiteers haven’t even got something they claim to have gained through Brexit.
I'm sure you are well aware that your statement is a nonsense.
Hi Oggy
can you name ONE advantage of Brexit - ( NOT blue passports, lack of unskilled romanian labour, driving on the left)
preferably one you can say has £ value
It's not all bad. I'm at Washington services and just got a roll with three sausages, broon and a cup of tea from Greggs for £3.60.

Not bad for motorway catering. :-)
I'm just eating Rule Britannia on toast.
PP //can you name ONE advantage of Brexit //

8 billion net contribution p.a. without any say how it is to be spent?

Deciding how to aid Ukraine ?

Shall I continue?
The ability to make one's own decisions not be overruled by an unelected foreign elite, thus making us worthy of calling ourselves a nation once again. But I don't know why one still needs to ask, the above is not only obvious, and necessary, but it has been pointed out many times already.
//...preferably one you can say has £ value//

The main advantage of Brexit - i.e. that the UK is no longer a member of the European Union - has no £££ value, Peter. It's priceless.
no economic value.... I thought as much
only feelgood value
you know what - - - I don't feel that good.

8 billion net contribution p.a. without any say
oh, would that be the £350m / wk spent on the NHS?
There is as much economic value as traders get from having the whole world to trade with without restrictions from an oppressive federal block. And as you will well know, this is impossible to put a figure on, but the opportunity is there.

Not that it matters. Economics is important, but nowhere near as important as freedom and self reliance/control, only a fool puts themselves in bondage in the hope their new masters look after them, while they busily use them.

One might hope most would instinctively know this.
there is no political independence without economic independence
Karl Marx, 1847
I didnt realise that there was a clutch of Brexiteers, who were certain of the feel good factor and nothing else

it stands to reason that we have ALL be connned over the years
golly three posts abutting: Andy will be after me, and that's a fact! - sozza me
From the video:

At 1:37, she says:
“… it’s about time for the opposition to offer us, the people, the opportunity to vote against Brexit.”

I wonder what she thought the Brexit referendum of 2016 was for? The last time I looked, I lived in a democracy. Before the vote, we were told that whatever the result was, it would be implemented. The choice was binary – leave or stay in the EU. The majority voted leave. It doesn’t matter whether 99% voted leave or 50.001% voted leave. If the majority voted to leave, we leave. That was the deal. We were also told that this vote to either leave the EU or stay in was a “once-in-a-lifetime decision”:

Earlier, in 2013, the then PM (David Cameron) said, "It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics. I say to the British people: this will be your decision." []

The notion that prior to the vote, the result of it would be implemented, was absolutely accepted by both ‘remain’ and ‘leave’. I don’t recall – nor can I find – any evidence that either side had any reservations about the implementation of the then unknown result. Of course, at the time, it was widely believed (as I did) that the British public would vote to ‘remain’.

If there is to be another vote on whether to rejoin the EU, that should be no sooner than the year 2041. Why? Because “once in a lifetime” (or to put it another way - once in a generation) means around 25 years which generally averages the time from the birth of a parent to the birth of a child.

So I would say to the lady in the video: no. We're not having another vote on Brexit anytime soon. To do so would be an appalling betrayal of the British people and it would seriously undermine our democracy. For better or for worse, we're out of the EU.
Dream on Hymie, Britain simply ain't rejoining the EU
We have economic independence, we benefit from trading with others who have the sense to make reasonable deals though. And self sufficiency would be a nice aim.

Meanwhile there is no political independence without political independence.

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