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How Do I Pull An All Nighter?

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drobi619 | 22:08 Sun 17th Sep 2023 | Society & Culture
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I find that my life is becomming out of controll and I would like to take it back. How do I pull an all nighter in order to get my apartment not just tidy but also clean as well? I know that caffiene and food can help but are there any other methods to keep someone awake all night? With my busy schedule and such I do not have much time to get things done around my place most days as I tend to have to get up around 6am because of life and work, and I do not tend to be home much in the evenings because of my daily activies which can keep me out as late as 10pm. This is why I am wanting to sacrafise one night of sleep in order to reset my apartment and get me on a better track for the weeks to come.



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You'll pay for it next day!

just looked again at your daily schedule your considering

6am - wake up
        - alarm, water, pills
6:05 - dress
        - hair, clothing
6:15 - Workout
        - cardio and bodyweight
7am - Shower/hygiene
        - Shower, teeth, cream, hair, deodorant, dress
7:45 - Plan day
8am -
9am - Breakfast

5pm - Work
10pm - commute
10:45 - Pyjamas
10:50 - tidy
11pm - Hygiene
        - Teeth
        - Wash face
11:15 - Charge electronics
11:20 - Read
11:45 - sleep

Theres a big gap 9am=5pm, do you have another job then as well as your 5pm=10pm one?

WThere must be some time between 9am and 5pm to put a hour or 2 aday to catch up on housework.

STaying up all night will cause other problems next day or so

or hire a cleaner

Yes, as Bobbinwales says, have a cleaner call in once a week.

Have to say, at first glance, your heading is slightly misleading!

Not fair on your neighbours.   Unless you can clean without making a noise.

Better to plan for one evening a week at home you don't need to be out every night, or maybe use Sunday mornings 

do you never have a holiday from work... or have weekends.

The more appropriate option is to book a day or two annual leave.

Do the job properly and look after yourself in the process. Have some music on or listen to the radio, stop for lunch, open the windows and get a proper night's sleep afterwards.


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How Do I Pull An All Nighter?

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