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Anyone Here Live In Or Near Mile End London E1?

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ladybirder | 13:39 Thu 28th Sep 2023 | Society & Culture
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I'd like to know if it is a safe place for a young lady to be walking through on dark evenings this winter?  



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I don't live there but I know it.  I wouldn't recommend walking in Mile End after dark to anyone in any season.

Hard to say, I don't recommend any young ladies to be walking around at night alone anywhere. Having said that, I've heard of no recent crimes there. Lots of ethnic minorities live in Mile End.

As Naoimi says.

Driving through, I've seen a block of council flats there that actually has an official sign on the wall warning against muggers.

Sounds delightful.

Question Author

Sugar, her father and I suspected this but she insists she will be perfectly safe.  He has said he will pay for a taxi for her but No, she says she'll be OK.  She'll be walking from UCL so could get a bus I think.  Hopefully she can be persuaded to do that.

Thank you ABers for letting me know the truth of it.  xx

LB, where is she walking to?

From what you see on tv and the rest of the media Nowhere is safe on the streets of Britain these days. 

15 Year old girl stabbed to death on her way to school a few days ago.


Mile End never was a savoury place for ladies to walk. We are still looking four Jack.! 

That was Whitechapel, retro.... just as unsavoury.

Just a step away Naomi. Same as Shoreditch. The modern native rippers carry machetes and zombie knives in that small area. :-)

No, it wasn't safe 20 years ago and it wasn't safe last year when I was there.

Uber it - much cheaper than a cab

Indeed, retro.  None of it good.

Please make sure she gets a bus or a taxi.

I find it hard to believe that there are no go areas in Britain .



//I find it hard to believe that there are no go areas in Britain .//


Not surprising if one lives in cloud cuckoo land

I wouldn't fancy it myself, but, Queen Mary's uni is there so will probably be quite busy most of the time.

It would be a considerable walk from UCL, unless there's a campus nearer to the East End.

In the end she'll get the bus of her own accord I'm sure. 
To encourage her, maybe a relative could buy her some sort of travel card  as a present for starting at uni? 

Question Author

I did a long reply to this, goodness knows where it went TUT!

N she is walking to Mile End where she will live with a friend during term time.  I don't think it's advisable to be any more specific as to exact location.

RH & Smurf as I've said she's adamant she's not getting a cab/taxi/uber or whatever.   She's got some sort of Travel Card Maydup but don't know exactly what, but she wants to walk.  Money is not a problem for her. She does have a boyfriend who will walk with her when they manage to get together during the week.  If it's a snowy freezing cold winter she might change her mind but currently she will do what she wants to do and trying to discourage her is having the opposite effect.

Thanks for listening folks.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Retro 19.52 It's time they let you out of LA--LA--LAND

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Anyone Here Live In Or Near Mile End London E1?

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