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Minimum Number Of Dances?

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Rev. Green | 23:01 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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We've been invited to a ballroom dance in ten months' time. What is the minimum number of dances to learn to participate most of the time? Can we get away with just two: one in common time and one in triple time? We don't want to win competitions, just to shuffle about in time to the music. 



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Why not wait to hear the muscic then shuffle in time to it?

Dance, In The Oldfashioned Way.

Dansons. Joue contre joue....

Sorry, Rev. I know nothing about ballroom dancing. Good luck.

The waltz is almost universally regarded as the easiest ballroom dance to learn.  Further, most ballroom dances will probably have quite a few waltzes.  So that would seem to be an obvious starting point for you.

The foxtrot is also regarded as a very simple dance, with the cha-cha and rumba not that far behind.

Who invited you? If a friend then he/she will know what is expected 

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Thanks Buenchico. Sixty years ago I was shown the waltz, St. Bernard's waltz, and polka. I never managed the polka. Would the waltz and one other dance (foxtrot?) cover most music? I just need some movement which will show that I'm not dead yet, but which will not mangle my partner's toes and shins too much! 

The ball is for my son's wedding. They haven't chosen the music. 

You'll probably find very few of the guests are familiar with formal ballroom dancing.  Most will just shuffle around the floor as they usually do.  Have a lovely time and don't worry about it.

Yes, just shuffle and enjoy.

If you wish to then you have 10 months to join a local (weekly ?) dance class to brush up on what you've done on the past, and ask the instructor what else would be good to pick up.


(From my limited experience, dance skills learnt and then unused for a while take time to get back. To just turn up and try will probably cause your dance partner bruised feet and a swift return to your table for another drink instead.)

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Minimum Number Of Dances?

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