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Fauda. A Prevision Of What Was To Come?

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Atheist | 20:22 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Society & Culture
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I haven't seen this TV series, but I have read in the i newspaper (Simon Kelner, I think) that it's about a (fictional) Hamas plan to carry out a shocking attack on Israel that will provoke an Israeli response that will ignite a world-shaking war between arab and jew.

Bush fell for it in 2001, and lashed out , and Israel (arguably far more justified) have been doing the same.

Fortunately, Israel have learned a thing or two and are trying to throw off the ultra-right and ultra-orthodox grip on their politics.

Any views? (daft question!)




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I think the TV series was made in 2015.

Perhaps Hamas used it as an instruction manual: much like many governments like to use 1984.

no no no no

this is a hit series in Araby, made by Israeli television based on the bald hero's ( real life exploits). His dad is a Baghdadi Jew and is killed later on - having mused - how much happier we were in Baghdad where everyone realised we just had to rub along....

But I am telling you the plaart

The hit side was because Hamas are not portrayed as inhuman monsters ( see other AB threads) but human beings in a resistance. " Do I not bleed when you hit me?" There is a lof that ( hitting) and yes I realise I have put Shylocks words in the mouth of a muslim

The first series I think our hero ( isaeli agent) identifies a terrorist - actually he befriends a boxer and trains him and then betrays him.

Human side very well done.


Various tropes re-occur - they pretend to have an injured man in order to gain entry to a mosque in the name of charity and humanity and then beat up the imam inside

just as in Lucien Lacombe, the SS pretend to have a gun injury to entrap the French GP - will he report the injured resistant or report him as martial law requires ?

arabs love it


Aren't the ultra-right and ultra-orthodox now in the Israeli government?

mentioned here

also says (PP) The Black Crows is a MUST-SEE series. Try episode 2 first - you may not be able to continue

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Fauda. A Prevision Of What Was To Come?

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