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How Would You Define Anti-Semitism?

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Atheist | 20:37 Sat 09th Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
31 Answers

Well, how would you?



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what you want the first twenty answers deleted?

I wdnt on AB ( try to define it) - perhaps retreat to some judgie baby " diff to define but everyone knows what it is"

There is a phenomenal depth of ignorance here - I had one deleted because the mod didnt know the difference between  the Warsaw uprising 1944 - Aug 1.  .

German army flatten warsaw city ( whole of) whilst the red army watches

and the dissolution of the ghetto 1943


this means you cant have a sensible discussion - which I must say is uncommon for AB !

Question Author

PP I'd be interested to hear what people here think.

-- answer removed --

What it's not is a trenchant criticism of Israel, it's land grabs, and it's abuse of Palestinians.

Question Author

Sandy; I think your apostrophes are messing up what you wanted to say.

Question Author

Sandy; I withdraw my last post.

makes difft sense wiv and without apostrophes

I prefer with - more likely to last three minutes

wivvart ( apostrophes) PP shakes head, and sucks in air between teef: doan know about that mate

Two of those "it's" should be "its".

This phone sometimes has a mind of its own.

and um does the phone have the best mind in the house?

a good current working definition is

"saying anything at all against the wonderful self defence efforts in Gaza"

what about the settlers in the West Bank? what about them ? they are allowed to kill whom they like (*)

(*) OK should be wearing a towel, but it  really doesnt matter. dead is one less terrorist and a good job too !

For goodness sake do not ask sir keir.

"Semitic" is the term for a family of languages; people who spoke them were referred to as Semites. They included Jews and Arabs. The word indicates that they were thought to be descended from Noah's son Shem.

Hostility towards Jewish people. 

andes' is good  - as a working  def

no you have to put in actions

hostility towards Jewish people and their actions

( singly or  in groups, organised or spontaneous - jesus  sounds like a clause in a Bill, where so ever in the world and howso ever acheived)

Question Author

I think that "anti-semitism" has become a bit of a label which allows people to brand anyone who disagrees with the Israeli govt's actions as being wicked and in some way condoning Hitler's evil. It's a useful tag for those who think they can win an argument by shouting a slogan. Lazy stuff by those who can't be bothered making a case for their views.


Tell that to the people shouting from the river.........

Lazy stuff by those who can't be bothered making a case for their views.

well I dont think AB is a suitable venue - I note only  one casualty on this thread, which is nothing short of miraculous.

and as the Upenn Pres ( is she still there?) said - it depends on the context

and her context cost her $110m. Money speaks: I will  give it again if she goes - - - ooer Mrs

people to brand anyone who disagrees with the Israeli govt's actions as being wicked

well luckily no one here does ! ( disagree with obvious self-defence) - phew !

oh forget the deletee - he's mad anyway

I seeit  as hatred of Jews and their culture regardless of how they are as human beings.  Completely different from how I see the Israeli government, their breaking of human rights agreements and what they are doing now 

I've met and mixed happily with Jews and Muslims and other religions and races in a very multicultural environment,  not even considering their beliefs. Fortunately I had parents who were very open minded and also mixed with all.  I was brought up had a moslem boyfriend for a while and no eyebrows were raised.  One of the nicest people I knew but unfortunately he went back home to his own country after his university  course ended.

And Naomi, I didn't think I would have my head cut off !  And I don't approve of terrorists of any sort.

It is an overused phrase.  It should be used to describe people who hate Jews because they are Jewish.  

Instead it is used ipto describe people who have sympathy for people who are at war with or critics of the Israeli govt.   Not all Israelis are Jews.

HAMAS started off thfe current fighting and they should be punished.  Yet nobody mentions the fact that the Israeli gove has been stealing back land that is Palestinian.

One side is as bad as the other.  The civilian populations of both countries are the ones who will suffer and continue to suffer in the future.


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