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Smoking In Spain

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emeritus | 19:46 Thu 14th Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
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I'm currently in the Canaries and in the majority of bars and restaurant I've been in I've been surrounded by smokers and vapers mostly Brits but locals as well. It seems their regs which are similar to ours are widely ignored. Just out of interest has anyone else experienced this in other areas of Spain ?



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Where abouts are you, emeritus?  

Is this a "crosswords" question? 😘

Are you thinking of having 'cross words' with them?

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Tenerife Barry

I've never experienced that in the Canaries-well maybe in outside bars but not indoors

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Obviously I didn't post in Crosswords on purpose. Can someone move it please

I haven't been for a few years but the last time I was there the no smoking was enforced in bars and restaurants where the law applied at the time - it didn't apply to smaller establishments that opted to go 'smoking'.  I don't know what the current laws are.

Where in Tenerife are you and what's the weather like?

Only the Eds can move it

I am sure Naomi or someone has said the mods can't move  them; they usually say they'll close it and ask you to repost.

But it's no problem - you'll probably get more, and more sensible, answers here.

You're not down Veronicas in Playa de Las Americas are you?

Yes. Only the docile,compliant, Brits obeyed the original EU dictats.I was in a Greek departure lounge at an airport with new signs all over the walls regarding the new No smoking Regs and the Fines for infringements. They even supplied a pen nearby for smokers which was thick with fug for those timerous beasts who needed a nicotine boost before take off.The Zorbas in the bar were lighting up with gay abandon as do all the other European serf country's citizens and completely ignoring said dictats.

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I'm in Adeje. 28 degrees every day so far 4 days in

In some European countries it's only people who're smoking in bars, etc who can be fined for doing so.  (i.e. there are no penalties faced by the bar owners).  So bar owners tend to leave it up to their customers to decide as to whether to follow the rules or not.

Here in the UK though any publican who allows smoking in is bar risks being fined for doing so.  Such a criminal conviction could potentially then lead to the loss of his/her licence.  So if you light up in a British pub, you can expect the publican to swiftly make it extremely clear that smoking on the premises won't be tolerated.

We've been to Lanzarote twice in the last two years and any smoking being done by customers was when they left the building to sit on the sea wall for a quick drag.

Maybe it's the civilised tax regime that encourages the habit in the first place.

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 Veronica's is off limits for me Hopkirk !! 

I like Adeje.  Had to stop going to Tenerife due to my asthma, the calima affected me badly too many times

Veronica's is not off limit to Hopkirk .😏

They are a lot cheaper there.  €5 for a packet of Marlborough.  Here in the UK a similar cigarette would cost nearly £15 a packet.

In Galicia, north west Spain, nobody smokes inside bars or cafes.

I'm going to Tenerife in January but I won't venture to Veronicas. Breaking smoking laws is tame compared to what can happen there.

In 2008 I went to Paris to watch France v England in the 6 nations. Less than a year after the smoking ban. I thought there's no way the French will take any notice. I was wrong they were incredibly strict. I got talking to a guy who ran a Canadian themed bar and he said the fines for the owners were draconian so they made damn sure no one was smoking on the premises.

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