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Do Atheists Believe In Christmas And Why

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locust | 17:35 Sat 23rd Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
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And why  ?????



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Depends what you mean by "believe in"

believe in Christmas? Well, it's right there on the calendar, so they can believe in it the same way they believe in August Bank Holiday. If you mean believe in Christ: I'd be amazed if he never existed, but whether he was born in a manger just at the time of the pagan midwinter festival, I have no idea.

because they like seeing their loved ones and eating christmas food and not working for a week!

if christmas were to become a purely religious holiday it would die completely in a year or two... fortunately just about everyone who observes christmas does so for the bits that people actually like

Question Author

Locust. As. For me to me, it is a pagan festival and I do not believe in it. Jesus recommended his death, not his birth, so I celebrate the death of Christ for his New kingdom to come. Matthew 24:14 and then the end will come.

fair enough, though the passing of the shortest day and the slow return of the light are worth celebrating even if you're not a pagan.

Athiets don't believe in any type of god so do not believe in Christmas.

I think a lot of people believe in God and Jesus even though they're not church-goers but they don't spread the gloom and doom of the dreadful fate of the majority of the people on the planet with it.  They simply trust that when they die they will go to a better place and be with their departed loved ones again.  Much  kinder than what you preach, locust.  Theirs is a hope for everyone - not just those who think they're special.

Locust - Why did you bother to ask a question, when all you ever wanted was to tell us what you think, so we can save valuable time by not caring in the slightest. 

I dont,  I celebrate the turning of the year because it make more sense to enjoy the promise of days lengthening again.   The old rituals seem to make more sense as they celebrate something real, something measureable, rather than something that may or may not have happened somewhere in the middle East, 

Question Author

Naoni24, not just those who think they're special. 
Once again you've missed understood the teaching work for a Christian to witness to others about the wonderful glorious Resurrection of life, that Resurrection of life. Will be for eternity and once again .you will be able to have your loved ones by your side, Forever. No more death, or sorrow, or crying, Christ Jesus has recommended the Kingdom of his father and the glorious reign. For each one eternity life, not man's stupidity, because of their day will for disobedience, to him, This will all change and the greatest Enemy, Of all the adversary the one who is humiliating god's name, With his lies, and death, the death was called by his will for lies, to our forefathers, in the very beginning, those lies have caused sin upon this earth, until now, death reigns over us, but there is an opportunity to return to your grand creator, and Gain everlasting life, john 5,28 28 Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in (which all)those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice, Isaiah 25:8, John 17:3

That's you told - again!! - naomi!!!

Lol!!! xx

Is locust actually a person, and if not, does it really matter?

Locust, you're mistaken.  I understand - but I think it's a fantasy.  Words like 'disobedience' indicate threat and the fear of that threat.  You're afraid to disbelieve.

Locust at 18.35 Saturday - do you not see the arrogance and ego involved in appointing yourself as the person to 'spread God's word ...'?

No-one has told you to do this.

You are amongst a minute fraction of Christuans who assume that they have 'the answers', and must spebd time explaining to the rest who are too dull to understand. 

It is arrogance and attention-seeking at its worst. 

Hardly surprising that it falls on deaf ears - every adult is capable of finding the god if their choice, or none, and they don't appreciate lofty patronizing from complete strangers.

Why not be useful, do some volunteering at a homeless shelter, instead of wasting your time pontificating on here, and remaining almost entirely ignored.

On death, either all of us are off to a state where such mortal concerns no longer exist, or none of us are and it turns out that it's just "lights out". It follows that no religions' claims that their saviour is a deciding factor, can be right. To claim otherwise is a triumph of blind faith over rational thought.


As for whether atheists believe in Christmas, as others have pointed out, it depends on what is meant by "believe in Christmas". As a date noted on the calendar those in Christian nations will know it exists. As a time for revelry many folk of different beliefs hold such in winter mainly I suspect, to raise their mood during cold dark days. It's probably best not to try to imply there's more to it than that.

I find it a bit odd that locust celebrates a cruel execution.

Atheist //I find it a bit odd that locust celebrates a cruel execution.//

Errr, I think you'll find that was at a different time of the year!

Khandro; locust wrote

"As. For me to me, it is a pagan festival and I do not believe in it. Jesus recommended his death, not his birth, so I celebrate the death of Christ for his New kingdom to come."

I took that to mean the Easter execution.

I don't think anyone in our close family celebrated   christmas for any reason except it was a known event.  It was just a great time with family with a nice warm feel about it.  And as a kid it was magical.  And I loved all the carols and still do. We went down to the coast yesterday to Blakeney and it was a joy  seeing all the families out walking, including all the dogs.   A lovely sunny day under the most beautiful  evening  Norfolk skies we had ever witnessed The feeling of  Christmas was all around. 

I don't have any religious beliefs.  I do celebrate nature.


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Do Atheists Believe In Christmas And Why

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