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What It Means For Your Future. Revelation

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locust | 17:41 Fri 05th Jan 2024 | Society & Culture
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    On the other hand, what will happen to those who choose to support the scarlet-coloured wild beast, portrayed in the pages of the book.(Bible) 
   How will the great tribulation start, and how will most people be affected ? .which are compared to mountains. Since those people will not take a stand in favour of God’s Kingdom, GOD will consider them to be opposers.—Luke 11:23; Rev. 6:15-17



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Locust, you hid your religion - and so did Goodlife.  You pretended you were investigating all angles but you weren't.  Your only purpose in coming here was to preach.  Both of you.


Yes, you take your answers from the scriptures.  So do I - except I read the bits you prefer to ignore.


And please understand that your God isn't, as you claim, my God.  Knowing full well that I disagree with you, that's the height of arrogance.

locust - // so there your story is quite intriguing .but not genuine //

It's a joke, but because your one-track obsessive mind leaves no room for a sense of humour, I am not surprised that you failed to realise that.

Question Author

yes Andy. I'm glad I have one track mine. And it won't fell me. Because this one track mine is a belief in a creator.Ho will prove himself to be this god of the universe. And because many mock the Bible and do not take it seriously enough. They will come to a final notification. When his son arrives.In due course to take back.  that he is due. In his diary he has explained all the details. which will happen in the future. and this future is now .we do not know the day or the hour. His son will arrive. but you can be assured that he will arrive on time. To cleanse this earth from his vile satanic ways .Of murder and the government.Will have to surrender to him. Because he has promised that his Kingdom will be forever and ever.Yes you can laugh. You can call me a crazy.  stupid. But you will come to recognize that this day will come shortly.

Wrong section - should be in JOKES!

Locust  - Please don't put words in my mouth. 

I have never said I laugh at you or think you are crazy.

I think you are arrogant and unpleasant, but I think your constant threatening and doom mongering are absolutely serious, and I hate the fact that gullible people live in fear because of your manipulative sinister loveless preaching.

There is nothing even slightly funny about frightening people, and you are wrong to do it, especially in the name of your 'loving' God.

LOL Dave.

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What It Means For Your Future. Revelation

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