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OG: Good post above!

// This should perhaps need a thread on its own, but if rocketry ever becomes 99.99 % safe (nothing much is 100%) Would not sending nuclear waste to the already highly radio-active sun be a clean, neat option? //

It has been proposed already, I think, but it is in fact not a good idea. The problem is that it takes a huge amount of energy to fly anything into the Sun - this is perhaps counterintuitive, but makes a bit of sense when you realise that anything we launch from Earth is, at least to start with, moving with Earth -- which is to say, orbiting the Sun at about 30km/s. In order to get it to the Sun, then, you have to slow it down by about that much, which requires a huge amount of fuel.

There are partial ways around this - flybys of Venus or something - but it's still not worth the effort.

At least the "primitive" sun-worshippers did identify the catalyst for all life on the Earth, so worshipping it would seem more sensible than inventing some imagined cloud-bound old man.

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