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Oh Dear, It Looks Like I Might Be Going To Jail

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Hymie | 08:10 Mon 12th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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You upsetting the Radicalised abers again Hymie...Well done

gulliver - // You upsetting the Radicalised abers again Hymie...Well done //

I don't know who you think the 'Radicalised abers' are, but as for 'upsetting' anyone, I think you are bigging up the importance and value of Hymie's contribution well beyond its actual level.

Minor irritation at best, 'upset'? He'd love to have that much impact!

Oh well, he (and you) can dream ...

Question Author

The Labour Party are keeping relatively quiet on Brexit, not wishing to upset their supporters who may be pro or anti Brexit.


But I reckon once they are in power, the true horror that Brexit has inflicted on the UK will be shouted loud and long by the government – no one will be left in any doubt that they are poorer as a result of Brexit, and have lost rights enjoyed by EU citizens.

They (and you) can shout till the cows come home. The UK isn't going to rejoin the EU so you can just keep on saying how awful brexit is until your dying day - if that's your wish.

You're like a cracked record. 

Do you mean your post above at 9:45 Old geezer?

"...and have lost rights enjoyed by EU citizens."

So I'll ask again... apart from the right to live and work in the EU (which nobody should have believed would have continued) which rights are you referring to which EU citizens continue to enjoy but UK citizens have lost?. You've mentioned a couple in the past which have proved to be entirely false. Have you found some more?

Question Author

That scumbag Gove was either lying through his teeth, or falsely believed that all EU countries would welcome us with open arms – despite their citizens not welcome here.


No being able to live and work in any EU country is an enormous loss – imagine you could freely live and work in any other country in the world, now the number is none unless you count Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Hymie - I have no desire to live and work on any other country.

And for every Brit who feels like I do, there are several hundred foreigners from EU countries who want to l8ve and work here. 

That is one of the major pluses of Brexit  - the end to uncontrolled immigration from the EU 

'Falsely believed that the EU would welcome us with open arms'

It's a matter for the EU. Why would anyone listen to what Gove said. Have you lobbied the EU to welcome Brits? Maybe sent them some clips of Phil or other youtubers? 

Omg... I've just watched the video. Only a fool or a tunnel visioned obsessive would think it was a serious suggestion that could have a chance of being adopted. 

Nothing to see here.  Again.

“….imagine you could freely live and work in any other country in the world,”

Why should we imagine that? It’s never been possible (at least not since people were able to move around the globe easily and in numbers) and is never likely to be. No normal countries (i.e. those outside the EU) permit unfettered immigration from a bloc containing 450m people of diverse ages and capabilities. Do you ever pause to wonder why that is?  

“….despite their [EU] citizens not welcome here.”

In the twelve months to June 2023, more than 1.12 million people arrived to settle in the UK, either to work (allegedly) or study, and many were allowed to bring families. Some others were allowed to settle because of family connections they have in the UK. Almost 130,000 of them were from EU countries. So how can you possibly say their citizens are not welcome here? What has happened since 2020 is that the UK is no longer required to operate a highly discriminatory immigration regime, where those wishing to settle here from non-EU countries had to be accepted by the UK following an application process, whilst those from the EU faced no such requirement. Now everybody has to go through the same process. So what do you find objectionable about that? As a result of this, the percentage of migrants settling in the UK who originated from the EU has dropped from the high forties and in some years exceeding 50%, to around 10% now. However, overall migration into the UK is still increasing and the EU, which accounts for less that 7% of the world’s population, is over-represented in the numbers accepted.

The idea of leaving the EU was to no longer be subject to such impositions. It’s unfortunate that some people now have to make an application to settle in EU countries, but it was never a possibility that the EU would permit free movement from the UK and anybody thinking they might, including those who listened to Mr Gove, were deluded.

Meanwhile, any news on any other rights you believe UK citizens have lost as a result of Brexit?

Judge, I am continually amazed by your patience with these morons.

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Oh Dear, It Looks Like I Might Be Going To Jail

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