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Have The Tory Party Purchased This Website?

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Hymie | 14:17 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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My posts critical of the Tory party have recently been deleted from a thread – with those critical of my posts remaining.

Once the Labour Party comes to power, and I start posting threads critical of them – woe-be-tide AB if they are not instantly deleted.



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Precisely TTT.

> IMO, this site has become more right wing over the years. 

Just like many people ...

Judging by the daily nonsense allowed on here from leftwing trolls, no.

19.38. Do you think so ?

SNP supporters are neither right or left, rather they hold an ideology which, even in the face of obvious evidence of being wrong, they can't shake.


St Urgeon was a terrible FM who caused more harm than good, and yet the Nats deified her.

gulliver - // Andy Hughes 17.02 But deep deep down in your mind. You who have been a  mod over the years know it is true .You know very well this is a Tory dominated site , come on now admit it.Because the award for talking the most  Hugely Amusing Tripe is heading your way. //

Please don't presume to tell me what I 'know', based on your own political bias.

I don't see any political 'bias', but then again, I don't have a one-track mind like yours, so I am not looking for what is probably not there at all.

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Have The Tory Party Purchased This Website?

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