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Was What 30P Lee Said (That Got Him The Whip Removed) Islamophobic?

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Hymie | 17:48 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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O god the linquists have got into the race - radio 4 this am

Tatchell veteran campaigner - " Islam is not a race" and I think he also said they came in various flavours - er which they do


anti-islamic is the same form as anti-semitic. and THAT is SO SO insulting to the memory of those who died in the Holocaust - that another word must be used. Igoring the English habit of back-forming words - 1918 American slogan of Back to Normalcy ( what?) as the Great War had been referred to as the Emergency.

oh lardy lardy !

islamophobe was not the same class of words as technophobe ( doesnt like but doesnt hate) - or spider-phobe or mouse-phobe - ( just doesnt like them) - and homophobe - ( both dislikes and hates

wow - people spend time on this

islamist - like shootist - whom we call a shooter, gun man - or Russian revolutionist - ( revolutionary) - you can tell 1917 forgeries if they use the wrong word....

I quite like thed idea of anti-semitic being a taboo word. The taboo being it was unacceptable to have any word "looking like it" - anti-semitic requiring such respect which anti-gravity or anti-proton really didnt

and DNA/RNA - sense and anti-sense. and various lengths of DNA were not translated  and as they interrupted were called - "introns" - soon a new word came along that stuck,  the bits what were expresses were exons. ( dificlt if you thought they were the ones excised....


A voice of sanity and intelligence here. Lovely to read your posts.

A phobia is an extreme and irrational fear of something; so is misused in very many words ending in "phobic". In fact misuse seems to outnumber legitimate use.

Was what he said wrong ? I had issues regarding the claim that Sidiq was being controlled, which sounded like a conspiracy theory. I feel sure that Sadiq is perfectly capable of screwing up his responsibilities on his own, and may simply be in agreement with his fellow believers in Islam. But if the statement was meant to say that Sidiq depends on their votes, which then affects his judgement, then, in a very real sense, he could be said to have given them control.


Meanwhile stating an opinion does not mean being phobic. I think that is being used as an excuse here to avoid having to made a rational rebuttal of the claim.


But you can't expect politicians who need votes to directly answer controversial questions like that though. Has no one ever watched Yes Minister, or Yes Prime Minister ?

It is not Islamphobic to say what is obviously true.

OG: "I had issues regarding the claim that Sidiq was being controlled, which sounded like a conspiracy theory." - If anything he was a bit clumsy, I don't think Khan is being controlled I think he is on the team. As with all Muslims their warped religion comes first so clearly his job, to him, is secondary to the furthering of islamification of the world.

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Was What 30P Lee Said (That Got Him The Whip Removed) Islamophobic?

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