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Charlotte Church Called A ‘Naive Idiot’ By The No. 1 Idiot, Himself

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Hymie | 21:47 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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Why are people still listening to this idiot, and the BBC inviting him on - giving him a platform to spout nonsense?


...and Charlotte Church ‘should be given a severe warning and made to see the error of her ways’.


Time someone told this idiot a few home truths – and what an idiot he is.




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"Why are people still listening to this idiot, "

Go on, tell us why you listened to him

He's a mover and shaker, but Parkinson's shouldn't be a bar.

Strange though, how often this "No.1 idiot" manages to keep his finger on the pulse and be right so much of the time. Were that all as idiotic as he, we might start to make progress as a nation.

He's right again.  She is an idiot.

He doesn't think much of Boris Johnson, either ...

Never had CC down as an anti semite. NF is bang on she is either a naive idiot or she actually is a terrorist supporter. I'd hope for her it's the former.

It's funny how the unus semita mentis hymie calls the most successful politician in history an idiot.

You sound like a bitter sour angry red-faced old Remoaner Hymie?

> the most successful politician in history


Farage is not even as successful as George Galloway, and that's saying something ...

Ellipsis, He managed to achieve his aim without ever entering parliament. He didn't need any of that to force change. Who else in history has ever done that? He forced a governement to promise a referendum, then won it. We have left the EUSSR. Winning a seat is not the only measure of political success.

Who is narrating this video? Why do some people follow such idiots on youtube? Farage came out of this quite well. I think the majority would agree with Farage over this idiot, Hymie

It's not even a discussion ... "the most successful politician in history". He's tried and lost to stand as an MP, and any success is based on David Cameron's and 2010s Tory failure, with a smattering of FUD and lies. Great politician ...

He might not have been an MP but he was an MEP and there's no doubt he has wielded enormous influence.  And he's still being asked for his opinions - and being listened to.  Not bad for a nonentity who never made it into Parliament.

Some people listen to him, I agree. Do you agree with Nigel Farage's opinion of Boris Johnson than, Naomi?

I don't know.  What is his opinion of Boris Johnson?

I can't see how that's relevant here, Ellipsis

Charlott Church an idiot, ha ha I dont think so. Great gal, great voice, continues to be very successful in all directions. Very clever business woman also. She bought Laura Ashleys home and turned it into more than just a dream home, its now a successful business. She's worth millions. Now thats not an idiot is it? But it is a case of sour grapes. :0)))

Naomi 09.12 "He's right Again she is an idiot" ,,And so is he..

............It's just the pot calling the kettle black...

Ellipsis, I had a quick google and this, from the Telegraph, 11 December 2023, was at the top of the list.....


//Former Ukip leader says there is ‘not a cat’s chance in hell’ of him joining party under Rishi Sunak, but leaves possible return open.   Nigel Farage has hinted that he could join the Conservatives if there was a change of leader and said he would “have a chat” if Boris Johnson called him...//

10:53, you are dazzled by things like seats. NF didn't need any he got what he wanted by other means. Surely you can see that. Some of the most successful footballers never scored goal but their teams did well.

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Charlotte Church Called A ‘Naive Idiot’ By The No. 1 Idiot, Himself

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