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Atheist | 20:40 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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Can the Israeli boss win the digital war? He's got many enemies, and probably friends.



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I think that there is some unrest brewing in Israel over his attempts to decimate the enemy.

A friend who is lives in Israel is against his actions.

the situation has been going on for so many years, people want stability and peace.


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wolf. I think that 'decimate' means reduce by to only 90% of its current level.  Israel's govt seems to mean reduce its (the enemy's) current level to zero.

They (Israel) are in a hard place and feel threatened with total annihilation. So do the Palestinians.

Both sides seem to be controlled by religious fanatics. Not much hope that I can see.

Will there be any stability & peace if the usual terrorist factions still exist and call the shots ? Can one be sure anything wasn't in vain if the situation ends prematurely ? One wishes it could be and all remained well, but I'd not bet the farm on it.

He's been unpopular in Israel for years. At the very least he has failed massively to protect Israeli citizens. He has to go as much as Hamas do.

The world is waiting for their version of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to emerge and make it all better again.

 More likely a suicide squad to take him out.

The killer of the last Israeli leader to have been assassinated, Rabin, would have felt at home in Netanyahu's end of the political spectrum.

Sandy/SpudMurphy, you said earlier this morning you were back as sandyRoe and your account confirms that.

Why are you still using the SpudMurphy account?

it's not just the war, he is also corrupt and has attacked the independence of israel's judiciary 

horrible man


I answered a question as sandyRoe and then Spud reappeared.

Tis a mystery.

//Both sides seem to be controlled by religious fanatics. Not much hope that I can see.//

And there is the real problem.  I agree there cant be much hope whatever happens.

You must be logged into the SpudMurphy account for that name to appear so you'll need to log out of it and log into the sandyRoe account as you must have done earlier this morning.

You can't have more than one account unless it's been approved by an Ed.

If you're still having issues, post back on here and you'll need to contact the Ed as advised yesterday.

If you're able to post as sandyRoe the new account will need to be deleted.


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