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How Come Books Are Still Popular?

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bluefortress | 01:11 Sun 14th Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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Technology usually robs physical items of their use. For example camera's, cd's, DVD's tend not to be sold in stores or used as much due to the development of smartphones/devices. 

However books seem to have stood their ground and still be popular (which is a good thing). 

I am wondering why do you think this is. I know I prefer a physical book to reading off screen but I can't really identify why. 



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I volunteer in an Oxfam bookshop.  People still read books!  They can be recycled.

I'm using a Kindle just now.  I don't really like using it for reading.


ichkeria, the one I've bought has a 40x zoom; are there phones that have anything like that?

It might turn out to be expensive rubbish, of course.

I love books, I've got hundreds.

But I must admit that for reading in bed my Kindle is perfect because I can enlarge the text in order that I can read without my glasses so can safely drop off 😊

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How Come Books Are Still Popular?

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