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Stranger Than Fiction

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luna-tic | 14:34 Thu 11th Jan 2007 | Society & Culture
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What's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?


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I was at college with a guy who was a well-known .. embellisher shall we say, of stories. These included having the corpses of four German officers under his gardedn shed, borrowing a Kawaski bike from a mythical 'friend', and driving to Stafford and back in fifteen minutes - a round trip of about 35 miles ... you get the idea.

So one day, he suggests that we lunch at a local Indian restaurant in town. When I advise that i can;t pay, he advises that it's OK, "Patrick Moore is paying for it ..." Patrcik Moore the astronomer, 'Sky At Night' and all that? "Yup, that's the one. He's a family friend."

The day arrives, and we get right to the door of the restaurant before my friend 'fesses up to the most outrageous lie yet ... except he doesn't - because Patrick Moore really IS a family friend, and he was there, and he did buy us lunch!!!!!
Question Author
Great story andy, I bet from that moment on you didn't know whether to believe anything your friend said or not.
Absolutely! The biggest 'porkie' of all turned out to be the truth!

Next time I went to his house, he showed me First Edition copies of every one of PM's books, all dedicated and autographed. I kinda looked at him in a new light after that!

That said, his tales of reasons why his homework was never completed provided endless entertainment for classmates, and hours of fun for those, like me, who heard the tales second-hand because we were at different schools.
Not exactly strange but definitely odd...
On Wednesday night, I was unlocking my front door to come in from having been at work when i saw a guy riding down the road on a unicycle!!!
Question Author
Hello littleone85, It's not everyday that you see somone on a unicycle unless you happen to work in or live near a circus. You never know you may see the guy more frequently now unless he was riding it for charity.
Some years ago I was on holiday alone in China. I didn't speak a word of the language and one day I was horribly lost. I spotted another Westerner and approached her to ask for directions. She too was on holiday and lost and when we began talking it turned out she lived two doors away from me in York! We've been firm friends ever since.
Question Author
Dear mrs_overall, And you'd never seen her in your street before?!!
How very strange but charming at the same time.
thats odd about that unicycle post! when i was living in birmingham in the student bit, i was walking to a 9 oclock lecture when i heard a bicycle bell ring behind me, i moved over, only to be passed by a man on a unicyle wearing a bowlers hat, carrying a ferret puppet and saying good morning as he passed. i honestly had to pinch myself to see if i was still asleep!
I was cycling along Commercial Road in Southampton when I passed what I took to be a grown woman with an egg box over her head, open end facing down ,so I couldn,t see her/ his face, but he/she was dressed as a woman. Weird!!
Question Author
That's taking the egg and spoon race to a whole other level.
I'm getting freaked out by this unicycle thing.
Reason being that, as I approached the doors of our local Asda recently, my chin hit the ground as a lad cycled up to the bikestands outside and proceeded to lock his unicycle up to the stands.
I'm rapidly approching retirement age and have never seen anyone riding one before.
He wouldn't be able to carry much home without panniers, would he?
Question Author
I've never ridden on a unicycle;Is it easy? In relation to these answers, it certainly is becoming popular.
Unicycle - see!!! Now there's one on Graham Norton's show! And all I was doing was flicking channels!
Is it me??

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