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Complete this sentence...

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dan no1 | 21:56 Thu 11th Jan 2007 | Society & Culture
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If i was prime minister....


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I'd paint my front door a nice shade of yellow :-)
We would be in 1972 now and trying all over again.
... I'd stop digging now and get out before the hole becomes too deep.
i would base the government up north
i'd have a PROPER democratic government where the british public could cast real votes in elections and on serious issues such as health education and policing.
... run and hide?
....admit failure and try and sort out the mess in Iraq and tell George Bush to sod off
... do SOMETHING about the hospitals
... tell Cherie to stop embarrassing me

I'd go back to school and learn that the correct verb in this instance is "were" and not "was"...

The Pedant
Make BigMac Education Secretary.
If I were PM I'd move Britain over to an island off Australia where the weather's always warm and no need for paying heating costs but not too hot to have to pay air con and where the not too far in the future Muslim government of England won't be able to touch it.
I'd resign
And I ruled this country I do believe I would kill myself lol
... I'd make sure that everybody knew to spell it with capital initials.
Question Author
oh, sorry(!)
I'd have a law against people who can eat & eat & not put any weight on
the electorate would have made a terrible mistake - a mistake they would pay for dearly
....I'd get my dodgy knee sorted out tomorrow without having to wait in an NHS queue for 16 months
I'd integrate alternative healing and herbalism into the NHS
I'd have one of the hardest, most stressful jobs in the world.

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