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Big Bri | 00:30 Sat 20th Jan 2007 | Society & Culture
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wot is all the fuss about shes just ignorant.jade i mean .she is not racist we all do this if we are honest . Danyel is


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We all do what? Abuse people, shriek at them, swear at them, loose it completely? Er, I don't ...
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go and pollish your haylo andy
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i just like the way big brother has made her, and now ruined her!! she's an idiot, and shilpa is not.
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I'm not trying to brag here Big Bri - I am simply stating a fact. As an articulate individual, I epxress myself without abuse, volume, insult or frightening behaviour. It may come over as pompous when written down on here, but any regular on this Site will know that I speak the truth.

That doesn't make me a better or wose person than Jade - it means I would no more go on a 'reality' TV show than have my kidneys removed with a bent spoon.
caz was that aimed at me?? because if it was, it wasn't meant to come across that I like jade goody... because well.. i don't!! i meant the show supposedly started her carreer of being a n0b, and now it's ruined, like a big fat circle of life!!
I think Andy's right. Saying shilpa popadom is not directly talking about the colour of shilpa's skin but when Jermaine called jade white trash, that was directly talking about her skin and racist and nothing was said. Jade is ignorant, not racist. And people are saying she should die??? People need to open their eyes to the real s**t thats going on in the world. P.S random i know but i hate Ken Livingstone.
yes 'justasking' that's all very well, but the reason it's been highlighted in the news etc, is because some idiots look up to people like jade goody... if the headlines say she's being a bully or even racist, then these people will do it too. I've seen it happen before.
Who's Jade Goody ? Is she the girl that takes the plate round in the church of "Our Lady Of the Intact Hymen"
Jade needs anger management. Like some other people in the uk!
Big Bri, there were some spelling/grammatical errors:

Haylo: halo
pollish: polish
wot: What
shes: She's
Jade: not jade, because this is a proper noun.
Danyel: Danielle
I don't think Jade is a racist and I think calling her a racist trivialises the very serious nature of racism. She is not a very pleasant person and she is a bully. Typically she picks on a person's most obvious traits. If you are short,tall, fat, thin, wear specs, stutter - you get the picture - her type of person uses these percieved weaknesses as a rod to batter people with. Because she is loud she is also scary but seeing her blubber when she was found out in my opinion proved what she was - a bullying coward who collapses as soon as she is conronted.
Jade is ignorant and a bully, that's obvious. However, I do not think that she is a racist. She simply isn't intelligent enough to be.

Many points have been mentioned over her behaviour and deemed racist. This is a sad fact of our culture that as soon as a derogatory comment is made about somebody whose skin colour is not white, somebody else jumps on the "thats racist" bandwagon. The fact that she said Shilpa Poppadom isn't racist. Thats like saying Mike Fish n Chips is racist.

Mimicking an asian accent isn't particular racist, its mimicking but not racist. As mentioned by Jade, Shilpa attempted a cockney accent and this wasn't questioned. I would'nt say that it was racist either though.

If it all boils down to these pathetic things that a pathetic woman uses as fuel for an argument, to being racist then the UK has not hope. It's a tense enough situation as it is and encouraging the media or general public to accept that these comments are racist only makes things worse. These silly examples that Jade did need to be correctly categorised as offensive, not racist and then the REAL racist issues need to be addressed. Its no good, saying that every nasty comment against somebody with a skin colour other than white is racist. I have several friends who are from different backgrounds and all agree with me. This argument is pathetic that the media have launched.

The woman should be tried for her ignorant behaviour and general bullying attitudes amongst other things, but for the most part, the parts that I have seen,

(and there may be parts I have not, so please excuse me if there are severe racist issues I have not seen. I am only commenting on what I have seen and what the press are commenting on)

she is a bully, not a racist.

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