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Wedding day/evening?

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Rubyrose | 15:18 Wed 29th Aug 2007 | Society & Culture
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I had never had this happen before until a few months ago but a woman at work, invited about 7-8 of us to her wedding but only for the reception after the actual wedding and speeches and lunch. We were there to enjoy the music, buffet and evening event. Clearly we were there to make up numbers and not for our company. But two other women in the office are getting married this year and have sent out invites for the 'evening' event! Has this always been done?

I went to a wedding back in June and I was invited to the whole day, church, speeches, dinner, dancing. I thought that was just how weddings go? I mean, either you want that guest there or you don't? If they are important enough to be at your day, surely they can witness the whole thing?



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Oh for god sake. Maybe they cant afford to pay for a huge mass and feel bad about it, so think that having a big gathering at the end will be an end to a perfect (but affodable) day!

If you're that miffed then don't go!
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OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! How many times do I have to say it, I HAVE ALREADY GONE. It was in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we WERE hall fillers. The woman who invited us had told us many times that the hall she booked was all they could get and she was worried it would look empty. Then she invited about 10 people and when about 5 said they couldn't make it, she then told us we could all bring our partners and kids. Then she took a guys name off the guest list because he got a new job and moved companies. He had been her boss for 2 yrs and they got on well and we saw his name on the guest list and once he moved jobs we saw her take it off. HALL FILLERS!

But.. I am not saying they are all like this.... I am just saying PERSONALLY I couldn't only invite someone for the evening do!
Why are you making a great big song + dance about it now then??
Jesus, Rr, you're not doing yourself any favours here are you? Your acting like a spoilt petulant child who want's to be centre or attention all the time.
Like most people who have answered, I had only about a dozen people to our wedding, but by Christ, you shoukld have seen how many folk turned up to the reception. there was no way we could accomodate everyone who turned up if we had been married in Westminster fcuking Cathedral.
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John, the reason I bought it up now was because 2 other women at my work handed out invitations for their weddings this week but people at work were only invited to the evening section of the day. I thought it was odd as I had never seen it done before except in the wedding I went to in June and I thought that was just done like that because she needed people to fill the hall (which is basically what she said)... Then this week me and a woman at work were chatting about it and she is from South Africa and she said she thought it was an odd tradition that she hadn't encountered before either!

Is that a good enough f*cking answer for you? Jeeeeez... people on here post sh!t about stuff that happened to them years ago and you don't get on their case about it. I get it John, you don't like me, but do you have to try and talk to me every opportunity you get! FFS! Don't answer this... I'd think you a bigger man for it.
I will answer ruby,
guess what sweetheart, it's NOT all about you, whether I like you or not doesnt come into it, youb asked a question (on a question + answer site), I answer and like to see what others have to say and if I have any further input, I enter it. Dont go blaming other people when you don't get the answer you expect.
simple enough for you?
Question Author
Yes you are simple enough but what you can't seem to grasp is that you get so flippin' personal by telling me I am attention seeking when I only asked a f*cking question! Everyone else managed to give a normal answer and while I may not have agreed, mainly because I didn't put my point across well enough from the beginning, you have to get abusive. Go and take a running jump John. I couldn't give a sh*t about your opinions.
Yes you do ruby, or you wouldn't have replyed. Go pick up your dummy and try not to stamp your foot so hard there's a good girl
Question Author
Haha! Was that the best you could do? Hmmm... no wonder you got on so well with your wife when you met her... same interlectual level! Don't go mistaking me replying for 'giving a sh!t'... it's my own 'loving of having the last word' that draws me back here.. Not you hunny.

Byeee John.
a suggestion. dont go if you dont want to.
Question Author
finethanks, - i have said this about 5 times now so i will say it just once more for the benefit of those who didn't bother to read it! the wedding was in june. i have already gone.
My wife is carrying out the last part of her Phd Ruby
thanks for the compliment
PS what's you're educational qualification?

Airhead receptionist doesn't count lol
see ya!!
if this happened in june why bring it up now, re any invitation, if you dont want to go ....dont
when people are saying you dont have to go they are referring to the two invites you have got for later in the year, if you again you feel you would be a filler

Again, i would invite my closest friends first and if any of them couldnt come i would invite less close friends and so on
Question Author
Finethanks, I mentioned it because of the other two invites sent out this week for the evening events of weddings!

Bednobs, I only got an invite for one of the other two weddings as one of the women I don't really know and the other one is a good friend but she has already mentioned that she can't afford everyone there. My point is, I didn't know this was done. It is only recently that I learnt people did this. I just thought (naively) that when you go to someone's wedding, you go to the actual wedding and spend all day there because that's what I had always done.

John - I was referring to the maturity levels, so don't go giving yourself compliments. But thanks, coz now I understand she is way above you in the interlect stakes!

As for my 'air head' receptionist job.. Lol.. please don't go assuming you know so much about me. Done many jobs before, many which I'm sure you couldn't and this one was simply something I got stuck in because I have so much fun there. That all said and done, the interlect of a person is not measured by what they can read from a book.
wasn't there someone else on here recently - a troll - who persisted in writing ''interlect'', even when they had been corrected...?

shadowman just how many people were at this wedding??
Question Author
Joko - Sorry I don't understand what you mean?

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