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Speeding Tickets

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MWB | 01:37 Mon 07th Jan 2008 | Society & Culture
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Seems to me the easiest thing to avoid is speeding tickets. Why do some people get mad when they receive one? Just don't speed & you won't get a ticket. That someone doesn't agree with the speed limit in a particular area isn't the point; nor are the various excuses.


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I agree, but it doesn't seem to be catching on, does it? Drivers seem to think that the law doesn't extend to the inside of cars.
Wot ? You want Drivers to obey the Law ? Pity Judges don't agree with you !
You're right, MWB; you never hear people complaining about being pinched for shoplifting or drink-driving. Yet shoplifters never kill and drink-drivers kill "only" about 550 people a year. Speeders kill about 1200.
That even one person should be killed by law-breaking that is 100% avoidable and 100% unnecessary is scandalous.
The time will come when engines wil have a gadget which automatically drops your speed to the speed limit. I don't know why there isn't one already. I think if the insurance companies offered a discount to people with one fitted it would encourage everyone. Having said that I do think that 70mph speed limit on a motorway at 3 in the morning with virtually no other traffic around is a bit stupid.
Bimbo, that�s a fine idea if everyone has the same speed limiter, but supposing Mr Volvo is pootling along at 68mph and needs to speed up to just over 70 to overtake Mr Lorry, when Mr Focus is hurtling along the outside lane at 90. If Mr Volvo�s limiter suddenly kicks in, would that not create a worse situation? I agree though, there is no need for a road car to be able to go faster than say 90-100mph.

Speeding is an offence, and there are really no excuses. I think many people feel a bit miffed when they get the same fine and penalties for going 33 in a 30, as does someone going 50 in a 30 or the sports stars who get off on a technicality. Also, the cameras were originally meant specifically for troublesome spots, but with the glut of them at various junctures people now feel that they are installed for financial gain rather than any safety consideration.

I got 3 points for doing 44 in a 40 on a duel carriageway at 4am at the bottom of a flyover where cones and a temporary camera had been placed overnight. I was mightily peeved, but then I had to accept that I was exceeding the stated speed and as intended it has focussed my driving habits considerably.
you might have been a bit unlucky none the less, Octavius; I thought 10% tolerance was usually allowed. Ultimately I would have thought speed limiters could be variable - ie they'd let you go a bit faster at 4am than 4pm (I'm talking about an entirely imaginary device of course, but I wouldn't have thought we were far off having the technology already). Also, German cars would have to go 10mph less than others, just to teach their drivers some humility.
I think this is another of those "straw man" arguments, insofar as I know lots of people who've been ticketed for speeding, but I've never heard anyone complain about it.
rojash, you appear not to be a newspaper reader. Over the years in The Times I have read dozens of whingeing letters from speeders but none from any other law-breaker. And I gather that there are even more in papers like the Mail and the Express.
chakka35, I think you are confusing the Mail and the Express with newspapers. I also think that if you check, you'll find that ALL letters to these organs are whinging about something, as are most of the articles and editorials.
If Mr Volvo needs to speed to over 70mph to overtake Mr Lorry then perhaps Mr Volvo shouldn't be overtaking at all.
Semantics squarebear, lets say 60mph then. I do agree with you about Mr Volvo though, he should stick to the middle lane eh?!
somepeople get somad when they get speeding tickets beause of all the people that speed and don�t get caught they do.
Absolutely cannot agree with all this tosh. Driving over the speed limit does not kill. However, inappropriate speed can cause 'incidents'.
Doing 100mph on an empty M6 - who cares? It's the joy of driving.
35mph past a school - bad person.
Let's not generalise; there are degrees of criminality. If you kill someone you have the chance of a lesser charge. Drive over 30mph and it's 'He's guilty m'lud' come what may. That's not justice.

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Speeding Tickets

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