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Religious Self Identification

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AB Editor | 11:06 Mon 08th Apr 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
93 Answers

This poll is closed.

  • Atheist - 147 votes
  • 36%
  • Spiritual (but not necessarily "Religious") - 107 votes
  • 27%
  • Religious - 83 votes
  • 21%
  • Agnostic - 66 votes
  • 16%

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I'm methodist without the abstinance to alcohol.
I thought Agnostic would have more votes.
The poll has only been up a few hours. Give it time.
Oh OK.
I'm wondering how many people actually know what 'agnostic' means, I would have expected more votes for this option.
^sorry, that was meant to be a vote not a post
Doncha just love these secret ballots ? ;-)
It's all right Sloopy, we won't tell anyone ;0)
I expect folk know it is a belief that it is impossible to know whether there is a God, daffy. Although I expect most will take it to mean they personally aren't sure. The thing is one can be agnostic and spiritual at the same time. And those who describe themselves as atheist or believers when questioned often seem to be more agnostic, and merely expressing their best guess.
Are those in group B, spiritually atheist, or spiritually agnostic?
Take your pick.
Atheist. Definitely not Agnostic.
Khandro, For many years for lack of an explanation of what 'spirituality' actually meant I had assumed that my atheism precluded any claim to spirituality. However in the light of information supplied it appears that I may be able to lay claim to a smidgin of dormant spiritulality, at least according to my more 'spiritual' friends. So, Perhaps I am a spiritual(dormant) atheist! The sharper the knife the thinner the slices...So they let you back best regards to Louis :-)
jomifl; A perplexing topic spirituality; I like mine best at 42 percent. Louis? :-)
Where is the No choice? Why do you want to know anyway?
No choice? Eh.
Hey Ed, how about a poll for sexual orientation next!
Suggested categories:
A. Homosexual
B. Heterosexual
C. Bisexual
D. Bi/Curious
E. Joeluke
F. Other/Paraphiliac
Agnostic must be the equivalent of the pollsters "Don't know", eh, Ed ?

AP (and Ed) if we're to have a sex poll, may we have "All of the above" for those who have tried everything but have not made up their mind which they like best?
Yep! That too!

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Religious Self Identification

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