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Are We Christian By Default.?

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modeller | 09:48 Thu 13th Apr 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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Do we in the UK register a birth and are baptised because WE BELIEVE WE HAVE TO !

A vicar once told me most people are Three Wheelers . They only go to church for Baptism, Marriage, and Death.


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I don't know what the Athenians would have thought, VE, but perhaps we know better that language is an ever-evolving thing. The dictionary under 'gender' may one day say 'The quality of being male of female, as chosen by individual' :)
Most of us are Christian by belief and choice.
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Rebecca (belief and choice) ? But they come from our culture starting with our parents , then our environment and our schools . Its only as we mature that we start to question our beliefs. Do we EVER have any real choice .
The Jesuits and others have the motto " Give me the child until he is 7 and I have him for life "
oh puleez
// The Jesuits have the motto " Give me the child until he is 7 and I have him for life " //

and are there no Jesuits who apostasized ? fr Davis SJ springs to mind and the rest of them in the sixties ( Berryman et al I think )
And if the Jays cant keep their own priests in line what hope is there for 7 y olds ?

someone said ( in true Modeller tradition - I know the answer but wont tell yet ) .....
"{X} as what we are really apprehending even when we might describe ourselves simply as somehow bound to uphold certain principles."

yeah OK ..... X is .... the presence of God

Dom Illtyd Trethowan - he was my English master by the way poor fella

so he Dom I. seems to think it comes from upbringing.....
which is good enough for me

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Are We Christian By Default.?

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