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Is True Religion Dying Out ??

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locusts | 14:03 Sat 29th Aug 2020 | Religion & Spirituality
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Religious and morality Dying :??
Many people, especially the young, view organized religion - traditions - as irrelevant and out of touch . Others have lost confidence in religion. - look how church have behaved over the centuries,” “people have turned away from them because they no longer - believe in them as a moral arbiter.” . “If you look at the way the true Religion - is to - restricted .??


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What is the true religion? When I went to church I never really learned anything. The vicar used to send me to sleep with his sermons. The only thing good about it was the social life.
I read my Bible and meditate on what I read. I don't think organised religion is a source of true religion.
So many people with opposing ideas - and all convinced they've got it right.
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idiosynorasy 13:53 Mon 07th Sep 2020 What is the true religion?

// There is only one true religion - but the problem is there so many religions out there in the world - you have to wonder which is the right one -religion is like a treasure and you have to hunt for it ????-And if you have been reading your Bible - then you become more knowledgeable – of the meanings of the scriptures ; .you have to analyse these - are they leading in the right direction – because there is so many falsities .like hellfire ; which is not in the Bible ?; Matt hew .7 16 true religious teaches the truth not on human Philosohies john .2,24 paradise earth . Psalm. 37 .29 doctrines Matthew .1.59 just a few to go on with
//There is only one true religion //

And that is ... what?
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naomi24 / 10:17 Thu 10th Sep 2020 There is only one true religion //And that is ... what?

// following in Jesus footsteps is a start- And those footsteps ?- are difficult at times because of the Satanic system around us ??? Jesus told us the instructions ? { 10 commandant} the truth and the light will sett you free ? when he was talking – A rich man approached -ask ??{ inherit eternal life?} Mark .10 read this chapter {we then ask your self} . Were do I full short ?? Life is not easy with these ups and downs -it's problems we have to solve each day it doesn't give us a lot of time ? John 15:7 If you remain in union with me>>>>
to read the Bible. You don't let him {GOD} out of his wooden box when you need him??
There is only one true religion - and that's the one that suits you, whoever and wherever you are.
What is that one true religion called, Locusts?

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Is True Religion Dying Out ??

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