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Do We Need A Philosophy Category?

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fiveleaves | 20:02 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Religion & Spirituality
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For questions that are not necessary about religion or the spirituality, but cover all sorts of philosophical topics



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Laybe a good idea, fiveleaves.

Maybe, of course.

I’ve finished my philosophy course. Or have I?



dusty; I think you should have referred to your logics course.

Your lift stops at the second floor and someone waiting says,"Is the lift going up or down?" And you reply, "Yes."

Do we need a philosophy category?

Who knows. Define philosophy. Define Category. Define 'we'. What does anyone actually need?.

I think therfore I need to get a job.

Do humans have free will? Or do we just think we do? And, does it matter?

I think it's rather a good idea fiveleaves - it removes any inbuilt religious prejudices from a question.  Threads could get rather long though.


I think the  spirituality bit of 'Religion & Spirituality' covers it.  The religious don't have a monopoly on spirituality.  

Question Author

Philosophy is a much broader subject that Spirituality

I agree with fiveleaves.


But only on this particular point! :-)

Naomi; I don't really see that philosophy is anything to do with spirituality.

I don't really understand what spirituality means. Perhaps Khandro could explain? Or perhaps you, Naomi?

I think we'd have to start with a definition of spirit,  then spiritual, then spirituality?

Oh dear; I hear gentle snores in the dark recesses of AB.

Philosophy wouls be good...or maybe it wouldn't.

would be^

Tilly. Good point. That's what we are hoping to discuss.


Oh, good!

I don't think that this thread will go very far. Not enough posts which take any of it seriously.

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Do We Need A Philosophy Category?

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