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Why Do Atheists Feel The Need To Describe Themselves As Such?

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Khandro | 10:08 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Religion & Spirituality
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after all, people who don't like or participate in sport, don't go around calling themselves Asportsmen/women do they?



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//Why Do Atheists Feel The Need To Describe Themselves As Such?//It is somewhat akin to vegetarians living with the mind set that impels them to establish that they are vegetarian above all other traits, and people with a tattoo that compels them to always have it on display. They even wear shorts in sub zero temps. if the "self expresion" is on their legs, or...
20:23 Wed 21st Feb 2024

Well we don't generally walk around telling people we are the opposite of theists but when it comes up "atheist" is the correct term.

The only time I describe myself as atheist is when someone either asks me what my belief is or tries to push their beliefs onto me. Otherwise it's not something I wear loke a badge of honour.



If you are asked for your religion and you are an Atheist, what do you think people should say?

Do you suggest an alternative word?

This is an excellent thing to say to a Jehovah's Witness that comes knocking on your door.

You are correct in that if I walk into a bar I donl;t immediately shout "I am and Agolfer" but if the subject comes up in discussion I'd say something that indicates that I am not a golfer. Not sure what you are getting at here Khandro. ....or maybe I do!

//Do you suggest an alternative word?//

What's the opposite of "gullible"?

Why do those who 'believe' spend so much time baiting the 'non-believers'?

Barsel, I once had a couple of JWs knock my door and the first thing they said was "Do you think there will ever be an end to conflict on Earth?" - I replied; "Not until we can rid the Earth of religion" - They stuttered a bit and left me a leaflet!

ken: "Why do those who 'believe' spend so much time baiting the 'non-believers'?" - Because they cannot comprehend that not everyone has been brainwashed into believing some brand of fairy tales. They want to save us from our sad lives of sex and drugs and rock and roll.

"atheism" was originally a heresy dreamed up by the church to describe those who denied the true nature of god... it was a category of person first created for that purpose. since then people who disbelieve in god felt the need to identify themselves because society was predominantly religious

in the modern day however a majority of british people do not describe themselves as belonging to any particular religion so use of the word may indeed fade away... there are significant differences among atheists as some develop spiritual or magical practices without committing to a singular god idea and others are purely materialist/rationalist

for now however i think the word is just there as a product of history

"Why do those who 'believe' spend so much time baiting the 'non-believers'?"

this is much easier to explain... they enjoy it. the ones that don't enjoy it don't do it!!

Why do those non believers take pleasure in mocking and ridiculing those on here who do have their faith. The usual gyb is, "I don't belive in fairy stories" etc etc as if they think themselvees oh so superior to those who believe in their God.I reckon a few on this site do follow their faith but don't crow about it.

When I got married, my husband said to me,' There are 2 things I will not discuss. One is religion and the other is money.'

He felt that both these subjects would usually end in an argument, and he was right.

Same as Mozz.  Only use it occasionally.  I tend to say 'I have no religion'  

09:24, retro, usually it's in response to this kind of post. Most of the time it doesn't come up.

Our closest friends (a 50 year old friendship) are religious and he has now become a deacon or an arch deacon , or something like that!!   We have never discussed religion.  In fact they are here in  Norfolk this week and we are meeting up for lunch.  




Not only do I not believe in god I believe that believers don't really believe in god. They are into religion for other reasons.

I meant to say I agree with Untitled.

Dave //They are into religion for other reasons.//

Do you know what those reasons are?

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Why Do Atheists Feel The Need To Describe Themselves As Such?

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