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Tv Licensing Scam.

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Togo | 11:44 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Spam & Scams
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Keep an eye out for this one and do not open a link. Report as phishing and then block.
I received it this morning. No name just one of my email addresses.

#Dear *******************(email address)

#TV Licensing’s Update Process
#Amount: 150.00 (GBP)
#The process ahead will help you in updating your details to its
latest form which will enable your services again
#Expiry Date: 06/12/2018

#Action Required: 71644530

Followed by a link to


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The scammers are certainly good at hiding their tracks. That URL is registered to a perfectly reputable refrigeration company in Florida but has clearly been hacked for use by the scammers. However accessing that site then diverts all traffic to the website of a nail bar, also in Florida, called Their server has also been hacked so that (as well as their legitimate web content) it now hosts this page:
(NB: My link only goes to a screen shot of the page, not to the page itself, so there's no risk involved in clicking on it)

Hopefully anyone who gets that far will spot the unusual URL in the address bar.
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I just report and block most scams Buen. But this one was "different" for me to post with a warning. I believe that there are other versions flying about. So Beware.
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"Different enough"
OH has had this a couple of times in the last month, he's phoned the Licensing people who seemed to be unaware of it doing the rounds.

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Tv Licensing Scam.

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