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Scam Alert For Sellers On Social Media Platforms.

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AuntPG | 12:51 Wed 24th Nov 2021 | Spam & Scams
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Heads up for those Ab'er that sell on FB marketplace or other social media platforms.

I have a saddle for sale, and got a message saying they wanted the saddle, would send cash by UPS and as soon as I received the cash, they would arrange for a courier to pick up the saddle. This in itself rang warning bells -who sends cash to a random stranger?

The scam goes like this: You agree to the sale, and they send you a (false) UPS link to track your cash. When you click on the link it downloads a trojan onto your PC that can access your accounts and record everything you do on your PC, all passwords etc. When the cash does not arrive, you may get a message saying UPS have returned the cash to them, and they no longer wish to purchase your item.

This is a new scam and one of the worrying aspects of it is that, at first, most Internet security software have failed to spot the Trojan and allowed it to install. The good news is subsequently, they have all issued virus definition updates so, if your program is up to date, you should be OK.


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Scam Alert For Sellers On Social Media Platforms.

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