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Employment Scams

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DTCwordfan | 07:46 Tue 06th Jun 2023 | Spam & Scams
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Be wary - and this warning from the recruitment agency, Morgan Hunt, makes for salient reading.

Last Friday, I received a Whatsapp text from someone purporting to be working for Morgan Hunt and offering a highly-paid opportunity in marketing for monitoring and pushing 'readers' for App usage. I didn't give it second thought but no personal details passed over. The contact said that she would be passing me over to a colleague to explain the job, over the weekend.

This happened briefly on sunday but more yesterday - and I became suspicious as they couldn't reply to specific issues like details on what exactly the job entailed - all I was getting back was blah-blah platitudes. I googled Morgan Hunt and found there are issues of recruitment fraud happening.

I've contacted MH with screen-shots of the conversation and asked them for verification - however, I believe I know the result as I 'told' the contact that I was doing this and that if he was genuine, then he had nothing to fear....Not least he refused to give me his company e-mail. He became defensive in reply, even suggesting taking a training course and then decide.

As it stands, he does not have any financial data or my address and, one more high-risk give-away factor, he doesn't have my resume, having not asked for it - and that in itself is worrying as I for one, in his recruitment shoes, would have wanted that.

The MH page has useful info on the subject.


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Employment Scams

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