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I Am Concerned This Is Possibly A Scam Company

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Clementino | 11:55 Sun 26th May 2024 | Spam & Scams
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Can someone help in verifying this  company please ?

Thanks for any help.



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I don't think it's a scam, the home page makes it clear they charge you to do things you could do yourself for free. 

They also state they are nothing to do with the government. 

What was you looking for or wanting to do? 

Are you aware they are not in the UK? 

Looking in to it further I would avoid 

I chose the option of swapping my paper driving licence for a photo one.

It asks for details about my photo driving licence which I obviously don't have, my passport number (I have no passport) and my NI number.

I'm not impressed.

Unnecessary - all things you can do yourself free of charge.

Question Author

Thanks Barry. 

I completely understand that there would be a fee, but my sister completed the form, but  then shut down  the computer when £78 was being requested. 

She called me in a panic. I told her she should have ensured she was on the official website.

She has now completed the official form and received an official receipt.

But I told her to block any emails or SMS from assistonline if they arrive.

Today she received emails (in her spam box) saying she had not fully completed the form

Phone number 44204586904 was shown. Although the website states they are open 24/7, I tried calling them for he,  withholding my number. An American voic message said "Hello we are currently closed. Please try a stack later"  No company name mentioned at all.






They claim to be able to help with driving licences, DBS checks, land registry and certificates but the terms and conditions refer only to the DVLA.

"Our customer support team is available by email at [email protected] seven days a week from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. You can also contact us using the form here. Please be advised, due to the current situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) we may experience some delays."

Question Author

Thanks all of you. I am treating the site as a scam and will be visiting her for lunch to check her computer and phone. 

The fee is stated on the home page but you do have to scroll down for it. 

If she didn't give her payment details tell her not to worry. 

Question Author

She did not give any bank details at all, but so much personal info. may have been given.

I have reassured her but even I am now worried now.

What was she trying to do? 

Question Author

Barry, she was trying to renew her over 70s driving licence.

Question Author

update :  mystery partly solved : 

I have checked Sis' computer and smartphone. Looks OK

She said assistonline was different to the form she completed. 

I have now checked and found the company are in Cyprus :

not a scam,  just a clever con.always use the official for free renew licence

Yes, they give their Cyprus address on their website.

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I Am Concerned This Is Possibly A Scam Company

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