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David Moyes, How Ridiculous To Say.......

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trt | 13:38 Mon 05th Jan 2015 | Football
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He masterminded a win over Barcelona!!!!!!

The fact is, his team scored a goal, Barcelona didn't, simple!


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It's only a game !

It's more than that wolf63 .
It's 22 blokes chasing a bag of wind across a field
Actually his team didn't score a goal, it was an own goal
I think you are underestimating how much influence a manager, and their tactics, have on a game.

It is not just a case of a manager sending 11 players out there and saying, go on lads, get on with it.

Winning a game will often be because of who you pick, your formation, your tactics, who marks who, the players motivation and so.

Just stopping Barcelona scoring a goal is some feat

Yes you need some luck, but if any managers team beats Barcelona they have a right to "crow" about it.

Look at Yeovil v Birmingham on Saturday in the FA Cup. Yeovil went 2-0 up then the Birmingham manager made some changes, got the players to push up harder on Yeovil, and they won 3-2.

Without the managers changes to formation and tactics they probably would not have won.

So the Birmingham manager has a right to crow.

If it is was JUST down to the players then the team with the better players would always win, but the manager has a huge influence, look how good Fergie was for all those years, that was not luck.
Yeovil played United.
Surely if the manager's to blame when the team under perform, the manager deserves credit when they win.
Or is this just another mystery area of football where double standards operate?
Like saying that technology would interrupt the flow of the game but diving, rolling about interminably then sprinting the length of the pitch in 10 seconds doesn't.
is it true messi,neymar & sanchez didnt play?
They didn't start.

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David Moyes, How Ridiculous To Say.......

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