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Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 13/12/18.

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Arksided | 14:34 Thu 13th Dec 2018 | Football
17 Answers
Hi all the last update of our league is due to disappear before this weekends fixtures so here's how we're all looking.

AnswerBank Fantasy Football League table 13/12/18:

1. Kneel Jung XI... 1120
2. Freudyenoord... 1116
3. Robs Robbers 1st XI... 1047
4. Nut Nut's Nut... 1032
5. PottersBarred... 1024
6. Half-Time Meds... 1008
7. Drawnablank... 997
8. Wordsley Baggies FC... 962
9. MightyWBA... 936
10. Hugo Mugget! ...923
11. Lie-in Too... 912
12. Lie-in United... 897
14. Trident Dribblers... 877
15. Fokwitz... 876
16. Buddy's Boys... 854
17. Anything goes... 846
18. AB Towers... 798
19. lLitherland utd... 778
20. Mam City... 712
21. Bring yer boots... 710
22. Carrot And Booze... 699
23. Ford rovers... 687
24. Voltys boys... 606
25. Steam Mops Utd... 539
26. Strong Berrys... 517
27. I'm Not Athletic... 484
28. Spathys Brute... 433

There we have it going into an hectic part of the season with so many games coming in quick succession, good luck have fun and A Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Next one is due after the transfer Amnesty which I'm sure Lie-in King will update and remind us all in due course.

Lie-in Kings' Fantasy football general natter, banter, waffle, question, Answer, Moan, groan, witter and Rudolf thread:


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Thanks Arky, scratching my head - what to do with my laggers, not pulling their weight at all.
Question Author
Hi Mamya, I'm only just hanging in the top ten (10th and 14th). Half-Time Meds looking quite good in sixth... maybe the amnesty will do your second team some good in January. You can overhaul your whole team without any transfers been deducted.
That might be worth a thought, yes.
I don't think that the "amnesty" is due until after week 27(9th Feb) Arks.
From the Sky FF site.

""The second Overhaul period will open after the final match of game week 27. The Overhaul with remain open for the whole of game week 28 and up until the first kick off of game week 29 on the 23rd February.
You will be able to make unlimited transfers during those periods until the first game day deadline. Once the first game day deadline of the week has passed the overhaul will expire and any additional transfers will come out of your remaining 40-player transfer limit.""
Cheers Arky :-)
Question Author
You're welcome L.I.K.

Thanks for that Togo, you know what they say about assumption ;-)
Was it after the 'real' transfer window last season? As it was only introduced then I can't fully recall thinking it was at the same time.
I'll be taking advantage of the Overhaul period, am down to 20 transfers in one side. Just can't find the right balance this season - yet! ;-)
Question Author
I know what you mean... theres a disturbance in 'The force' of my teams as well... called José Mourinho.
He's special, ain't he? :-))

Legs it...
Question Author
He's certainly something.
I think the amnesty periods were introduced after a bit of discussion on the FF forums regarding the season kicking off before the summer transfer season had finished and the January transfer window leaving people liable to lose players to overseas clubs. This meant that transfers had to be used to introduce players that were not available in the original pick and to cover for any player lost to overseas clubs or lower divisions.
I decided to tweak my teams a couple of weeks back, getting rid of some of the deadwood and those with med/long term injuries. I brought in Sterling - who was promptly rested - and Kane - who was rested last week :-( No wonder i'm in twenty oneth and twenty twoth posi :-//
Question Author
Which does make sense. Do you think you be at the summit come May?
A couple of wins and we could be in mid-table. Mind you, a couple of defeats and we'll be off the bottom of the page

(King) Harry Redknapp
Question Author
Lol Ken we all have them, De Bruyne, Hazard, Ali, Eriksen.. in fact anybody want someone taken out for a bit... I'll simply transfer them in.
Lie in King, "He's special, ain't he?" I assume you mean 'special needs'. :-)

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Answerbank Fantasy Football League Table 13/12/18.

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