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Two Yellow Cards But Not Sent Off

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Ken4155 | 00:12 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Football
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Aston Villa won through to the next round via a penalty shoot -out. Having already received a yellow card in the 2nd half for time wasting, received another yellow during the penalty shoot-out, but was allowed to remain on the pitch and save the last penalty, earning Villa a spot in the next round. 

Everyone was puzzled, including  the commentator and co-presenter who asked; had the ref showed Martinez the 2nd yellow purely as a warning? Had he forgotten he had already booked him? What the blazes is going on???

Turns out that there is a law, IFAB Law 10, which outlines that all yellow cards are re-set in a penalty shoot-out. Whodathunkit?



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I knew about that rule but I cannot see the reasoning behind it.

I didn't know about it, and trying to get my head around it.

So a guy sent off for two yellows can come back to take a penalty ?

No, a yellow card given during the kicks isn't added to one issued during the match.

I can see the logic. Once the match is over it's over, including extra time.

The penalty shootout becomes a new competition in itself.

If it's a new "competition" why can only an injured keeper be substituted and no-one else?


Question Author

TCL, i can only assume you've read the rulebook from A-Z. I watch as much football as i can and i've never come across this before. Neither had the commentator and co-presenter.


Yes, clearly those moaning do not know the laws of the game, the ref did.

In the West Ham game, I thought I saw the ref brandish a second yellow card at Soucek but he wasn't sent off. He'd received a card just a few minutes before. Maybe the card was for someone else but it looked like Soucek to me.

Ken, (no googling)  if a team scores in its own goal directly from a free kick what is the referees decision?

Not at all, I think it might have been my looking up what the goalie could and couldn't do regarding moving about and I seen the reference to a yellow card during the game not being carried forward so that just stuck in my mind.


Question Author

Without Googling, TTT, i'd hazard a guess it would be a free kick to the other side?

Question Author

TCL, as regards the movements allowed by the 'keeper when facing penalties, i personally think it's high time something was done to restrict the hop, skip and jump, the ballet dancing and the robot dance of the taker pior to kicking the ball.

They are not allowed to 'pause' dring their routine but i would argue that if both feet are off the ground (i.e. when they jump), that's a pause. In much the same way a steeplechaser is actually briefly resting when jumping fences.

Question Author

And now i have Googled, TTT, i find that i wasn't that far off the correct answer. Which is a corner kick to the other side.

Have you any idea when this rule was introduced because in the dim and distant past - late 60s/very early 70s, i recall a Brnley v Leeds match at Turf Moor which was heading for a 0-0 result when The Clarets were awarded a free kick near their own corner flag. Left back Alex Elder attempted to chip the ball back to 'keeper Adam Blacklawbut the wind caught it and took it over his head. The ball ended up in the back of the net and Leeds won the game 1-0.


10:34, nope Corner to the other side.

I think that law has been there forever ken, I suspect in the case you are talking about either keeper or another player got a touch on it. I did a refs course in 1982 and it was there then.

I think I was vaguely aware of that rule. Wasn't there a game in the world cup a few years ago where a player was given two yellows and not sent off?

There was an infamous penalty shootout  in an Irish Cup semi final a few seasons back - 2021 - between Crusaders and Larne where the ref warned the Crues keeper Johnny Tuffey for not remaining on his line. Tuffy moved off his line again at the next pen and was booked. Then he did it again and was sent off: the manager and even the studio pundits were apoplectic: "a shameful day for football" - but of course the ref was quite right.

Question Author

Ich, the World Cup incident was because of a refereeing mistake. It came during the Australia v Croatia match in 2006 when Graham Poll lost track of his decisions and booked Josip Simunic twice but because he wrote the letter 'C' (for caution) against Australia's number 3, he didn't send the guy off.

3 minutes after the final whistle, the Croation had a go at Poll and the ref showed him the 3rd yellow, then produced the red.

Simunic was born and raised in Australia and has a strong Australian accent, so that's possibly how Poll became confused in what was a fiery enconter. At least, that's the excuse he used in his autobiography.

> Turns out that there is a law, IFAB Law 10, which outlines that all yellow cards are re-set in a penalty shoot-out. Whodathunkit?

The ref ...

Question Author

10C, Zouma was booked a few minutes before Soucek. Easy to understand your confusion.

The ref was handing yellow cards out like sweets on Halloween night - 11 in all!

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Two Yellow Cards But Not Sent Off

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