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Spoiler Alert. Arsenal V Chelsea

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Canary42 | 21:32 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | Football
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Read no further if you wish to avoid.













I reckon Poch will get the sack after tonight.



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When I saw his team sheet before the game I thought he was engineering that outcome.


Are Chelsea becoming a bit "Manchester United", impatience with managers, a puzzling transfer "strategy".


Question Author

I haven't been following all that closely but from one of the remarks embedded in the BBC commentary it appears the owners are deciding the recruitment. That's always a disaster.

Good attempt to avoid a spoiler, but you'll see it did not work. Doesn't worry me in this case. 😉

The safest way to avoid a spoiler is to do what you did but, instead of putting lots of blank space, posting the spoiler in the first answer rather than the question.

Question Author

Good point Elliosis.

I used to post on a forum which allowed suppression of spoiler text by the poster (and the reader has to click a button to reveal it), but of course that's far too sophisticated for the techies Answerbank uses.

Question Author

*Ellipsis - typo

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Spoiler Alert. Arsenal V Chelsea

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