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SeaJayPea | 17:06 Tue 24th Jan 2012 | Sport
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Let's assume that Harry Redknapp gets found guilty of tax evasion. I know that it's early in the trial and all that, but let's just assume....

Will the FA still consider him for the England manager's job? There is a bit of history in this, because of the way Terry Venables was treated in a not disimilar situation.


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If found guilty he could end up in "clink" so the question wont arise.
Will they let him out on Saturdays?..................I like 'arry.
Your obviously not a Pompey fan craft1948
lol no pene I support Man Utd, but I still like him.
if found guilty he like anybody else should do time. ( newcastle fan) and why not !!!! take a few M P with him
I like Arry' also and would very much like him to take the England job after the the Italian fella (sorry spurs fans)... however if he is found guilty then case closed, with Venables I seem to remember it was just going to trial with his dodgy dealings.

I think the FA these days would not appoint him... fools that they are!
He'd be raving to do it!
Harry won't get the job Innocent or guilty
Remember Glenn Hoddle.....
Yes, He was raving!
Being convicted of GBH and serving time does not seem to prevent highly paid footballers from slipping back into the team without probs.

Unfortunately the money circulating in he game seems to make some people think they are untouchable. Didnt know he had 190 grand in a Swiss bank account? Pull the other one 'arry. I think he should be disqualified from the England job.
If he is convicted but fined he could still be considered for the England job.

If he goes to prison, that definitely rules him out.

If he gets a suspended prison sentence, then it depends who else is on the shortlist whether he is seriously considered.

I do not know why the media are adamant the next England manager must be English. I would prefer the best person who might bring us success.
Oh come on, they won't imprison him.
Not only do England need the best manager for the job, they could also do with a decent squad from which to pick the team. If we had more English players in the Premier League the team would be more successful IMO.

The top English clubs don't concentrate on developing English talent they just go out and spend Millions on foreign players.

Goes to prove one doesn't have to be an academic to get on.
Interesting definition of an 'academic' - someone who can read and write!

Be careful not to set the standards too high Old Git L O L
dodger, just take a trip to Anfield to see why teams sign over priced foreigners as opposed to massively over priced Englishmen!!
Hope he goes down. Another creep like Worrall Thompson, willing to steal because of their greed.
while Spurs are a factor in stopping United from winning the league, I hope he remains uncharged!!
I reckon this is all a set up and Alex Ferguson is the leader of the illuminati!! ;)
Hopkirk, Lester Piggott was sentenced to three years for tax fraud and served just over a year. Whats good for one is good for everybody

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