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Winter Games Day 17 (Sun 23Rd)

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joggerjayne | 01:43 Sun 23rd Feb 2014 | Sport
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What a long strange trip it's been ... (as the title of the Grateful Dead album would say).

The Winter Games. The greatest sporting event on the planet. I can't believe they're almost over.

We've cheered for our medals. We've held our breath and sat on the edge of our seats. We've been heartbroken by our near misses. We've watched sports that we would never normally watch. We've wanted to hit the short track judges with a sharp ice skate for making so many stupid decisions. We've winced and cringed at the accidents. For some of us, we've spilled our drinks in mountain bars as we jumped with delight. We've cried with joy. We've screamed at the telly. We've hugged our friends, and we've ranted on at them. We've chatted on AB, and we've disagreed with other ABers about lots of things.

I hope it's been fun. I've loved every minute of it, and I'm sad that it's nearly over for another four years. The 2018 Winter Games are in Pyeongchang in South Korea. I thought the Sochi Games should've gone to Salzburg. But, credit to the Russians, they've been fab. I think the Pyeongchang Games should've gone to Annecy or Munich (although the Annecy bid was a bit of a failcake). Let's hope the South Koreans can prove me wrong, and host another memorable Games.

Today, it's the marathon Cross Country Ski, the Four Man Bob, and the Ice Hockey final. And then, it's the Closing Ceremony.

Enjoy the last day of Sochi. And remember to be back here in the Sports section on 9 February 2018 for the start of the Pyeongchang Winter Games. I will be here, with Maydup, waiting for you.

Well done, Team GB !!!

Love and hugs ... JJ


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If you google Akiko Suzuki you'll find all the info you're looking for. It's a gorgeous costume, small flowers over the bodice, and her free skate was to Phantom.
09:27 Sun 23rd Feb 2014
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I did think that Sochi might be a let down, overshadowed by politics, bad organisation, and corruption.

But it's been amazing.
17 scots, well done :)
Great final run by GB 1 Woooohoooo!
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Loving it ...

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No medal, but fifth was a great performance by Team GB.
I know it wasn't a medal, but what a great result to beat some of the big guns from Canada, Germany, Switzerland. Soooo proud of the GB 4 man bob team and pleased for the Russian guy. If it wasn't to be us i wanted him to win the double.
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Meeting a couple of pals in town for lunch.

Back in time for the closing ceremony.

Might not post during the ceremony, coz the girls might come back for a little Sunday afternoon vino.

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Winter Games Day 17 (Sun 23Rd)

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