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Quinton De Kock

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Mozz71 | 22:42 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Sport
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It seems that South African wicket keeper Quinton de Kock withdrew from their latest T20 World Cup match for "personal reasons". It has also been noticed that Mr de Kock refused to follow South African cricket's instructions to take the knee before the game. Coincidence? I think not.

Ironically, his captain, Temba Bavuma (a black man) has quoted hos support for de Kock and pledged to stand by him.

I have no issue with sportspeople taking the knee, but in my opinion, they must be free to make that choice for themselves. Nobody should be forced to support a cause. Thoughts?



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Nobody should be forced to support a cause.
Should be a free choice and no one should be castigated whatever they choose.
I agree with you about taking the knee - only do so if it is your own decision and not forced upon them

If everybody did the same thing because they are told to do/not do then it would lose its impact.

I would never take the knee, I would never be able to get again.
Surely it is time to stop taking the knee and address racism and sexual bigotry in sport. It is time that a sportsperson should be able to be open about their sexuality without fear of abuse
Most redundant "(a black man)" of the year so far up there.

Seems like support for de Kock is growing.
I don't have a problem with teams deciding on their own etiquette. If you don't like it, find another team; perhaps QdK will do so, he's a talented batsman and good keeper.

A very rough England equivalent would be Alex Hales, who decided his need for recreational drugs was greater than his desire to play for England. He hasn't been back.
Did he have the same standing as de Kock?
The team is willing but de Kock ... has withdrawn.
douglas, higher, in short formats. He's got the fifth highest England average in T20 matches - and there's a T20 world cup on at the moment. They could well do with him, but the captain isn't having him.
(I should add that he scores faster than de Kock, though he doesn't go on quite as long.)
A sad day when de Kock takes a stand at the expense of the team.
unlike in an army, privates matter.
I agree, people should have the choice to take the knee or not. But i also think de Kock is getting above himself and has shown he is not a real team man.
William, are you not aware that he did take the knee in South Africa's latest game?
Taking the knee should now be stopped. It does not help, nothing has changed because of this. In short, it's not the knee but people's mindset that need changing.
Question Author
Sorry William, but I don't think you can agree that he is both correct and incorrect in the same sentence.

I did like his statement, that hit the nail on the head, saying that he supports the anti racist stance, but didn't appreciate being ordered to show his support. I would have a similar opinion.

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Quinton De Kock

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