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Opportunistic Journalism

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Canary42 | 15:52 Sat 13th Aug 2022 | Sport
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My newspaper produced a report of the defeat last weekend of the New Zealand rugby team (by the South African team) under the headline "ALL BLACKS ON THEIR KNEES" - conveniently with a picture of the NZ team on their knees performing the Haka.

Nice comic touch.


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And as we all know, it's their knees that matter: apparently.
Question Author
That's interesting OG, I didn't know that but I can see it makes sense.
Define 'opportunistic' in regard to newspaper reports.
Hoping that a headline which could be read as potentially rude or offensive will make it past the sub-editing stage and be published.

Keegan Fills Schmeichel's Hole With Seaman
What was it about this particular story that so offended you? And you're stupid if you believe any British newspaper published a headline like the one you have chosen to illustrate your ridiculous point.

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Opportunistic Journalism

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