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Going For A Run But Jumping Over Obstacles Along The Way..

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alyxowl | 20:31 Fri 30th Jun 2023 | Sport
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Does anyone enjoy more ‘freestyle’ running? For example rather than just going for a run I mean jumping over puddles and fence styles along the way etc?

I find it takes the boredom out of running


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Each to his own. Enjoy.
Hence the expression 'away and take a running jump'?
What's this strange word .... running?
Question Author
I suppose it’s a bit like parkour but for those who are ‘past it’. Parkour is a bit too extreme
A bit too extreme for ABers! Most of us can just about walk.
If running is boring, why do you do it?
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Tilly I am pushing 40 I half expected to be the mature one on here
Either way running can be for everyone, within reason
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Well firstly I don’t run that far New Judge, no more than 3 miles max. Also I love the feeling after a run, not during it.
Aye, jumping over puddles really gets my juices flowing

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Incontinence Royfromaus?

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Going For A Run But Jumping Over Obstacles Along The Way..

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