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Why Do Players Heads Go Up And Backwards.....

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DTCwordfan | 18:23 Mon 25th Sep 2023 | Sport
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...when the National Anthems are sung? What's the psychology behind this?

Just sitting down to watch the Wales-Oz game having only been able to gets snippets of it last night as I was working. Obviously I know the result and Mr. Eddie Jones must be facing an Ozzie red card with the letters 'P45' printed on it. Never mind, Eddie, there's probably a job going in China, India or Paraguay for your national coaching skills. A T&T to hand to celebrate the start of my first 'weekend' evening....





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And what a great first try for the Leeks - brilliant. Cheers.

Enjoy your T&T- maybe add some Gin too?

Don't know - ? pride, respect.

Scottish lads played well too.

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The T is a gin - why don't Exxom employees drink Tanqueray since the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska? 'Cos the Captain of the ship said, "I wanted a Tanqueray on the Rocks, not a 'effin tanker."

It had quite an effect on the industry - certainly in my company. However, our French friends stood up and said "Pas question, José, notre boisson nationale est le vin, alors 'à vos vélos'!"

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Hazlinny, indeed they did, more so the second half and well played 'Van der swerve.'

^^ He can run some!

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True - he's like a runway express train from Amsterdam to Paris or even Waverley to King's Cross - why do they need a HS2. He's an option.

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Why Do Players Heads Go Up And Backwards.....

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