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Scotland V Romania Rugby

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Hazlinny | 19:20 Sat 30th Sep 2023 | Sport
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Keep on running  ..... doing well.

Started 20.00 hrs.



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Forgot Saturday is footie day!

The rugby boys are excelling themselves.

Great as the World Cup is there are still too many lopsided games. Great when it's one's own team of course but rather dull on the whole otherwise. 

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^^ Agree  .. not the best of games but c'mon Scotland!

That's 'the world' for you though.

See also The Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the early heats of any other contest you care to mention.

49-0 now!

Ireland next week will be a different prospect, though

Especially those 'plucky minnows' in football cup cometitions.

It's a shame that after all this time the same teams are getting rolled over: there are some exceptions; I remember watching Japan losing about 147-0 to NZ in 1995. But they've improved at least.

The less said about Italy the better: when they go down they do it in style ...

I've been supporting Scotland for so many years .............  mostly a thankless and disappointing task.  I should be celebrating, but I really don't like a team to be so comprehensively beaten and I hope Romania get a try.

It's a tough draw for Scotland to face Ireland next, though.  Much though I'd love them to win I'll be singing 'Flower of Scotland' a bit weepily  I expect (if I drink enough first).

It finished 84-0. Jings crivvens help ma Boab!

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Scotland V Romania Rugby

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