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Radio 5 Live Headlines Quiz

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Penguin123 | 18:38 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | Sport
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There is currently a completion on radio 5 live where you have to phone in with the answer.  The last day is Fri 17th Nov and I have put the link below.

So far no one has guessed it.

The wrong answers are


The 3 clues are

Has a letter d in it

A picture of Susan Boyle

It has one vowel in it

It's very difficult to get through so even if I had some suggestions I might not get through.

The Prize is 2 tickets to Wimbledon ladies final with hotel and travel so a great prize if you are a tennis fan.

Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks






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does it say how many letters? it can't be many with only 1 vowel, unless its used more than once. Do you have any past examples for us?

I have heard it only the once a few days ago and thought the answer might be, "wide" but that was before I knew there were clues.


It would satisfy the one vowel and "d" but no idea about Susan Boyle.

wide has two vowels TBC

She had a song, "Wild Horses" so could it be "wild"

THEWINNER, just sering if folk were paying attention...

I wondered if it might be bands?

anagram of SB anD???

Is there a link to the audio?

oh, wild is a really good guess TCL.

Question Author

Need to add that the headline is 'double hander from the german is'..........

Question Author

Thank you all, wild sounds a good answer.

in that case, it all changes, and could be SWORD. 

Why, "sword"?

Just thinking Susan Boyle and Alex Magala (who was a SWORD swallower).  Please don't take this as your answer.

Google double handed from the german gives: sword.

"Now double hander from the German" is literal as the player is the German, Angelique Kerber, playing a double-handed shot.

doesn't have a"D" in it TCL. this is hard . . .


the answer has a letter D in it,

I was meaning the player is German so it's not a clue, it's just what she is.

It comes from part of the commentary during a tennis match. The audio includes "Williams" and the commentator of the match was saying this morning it was Kerber but she can't mind on the missing word.


If it's from Wimbledon, Kerber and Williams played in the 2016 and 2018 finals but I've not found the radio audio for either of the matches.

To-day's clue is, "The truth is rather pure and never simple".

Now, I Googled that and the first hit was, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." which is a quote from Oscar Wilde.

I've listened to the audio again and it is definitely, "rather" and not, "rarely" so it might be a mis-reading or a mis-quote but Wilde and my guess of "wild" would fit.

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