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Darts Luke Littler

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royfromaus | 19:00 Fri 19th Jan 2024 | Sport
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The second link works well Roy and gives a full screen video with good audio. 

Oche Oche Oche   9  9  9

Did you right click and copy video address? 

I could see the wire 😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---😀---   

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I saved the video first, Togo.

It was first class love the darts. 

When you say "saved" the video   ...  where to and how Roy. I do not do X/Twitter but it may be useful for others to post X/Twitter videos who do. Useful info Roy and needs a spell in Tech methinks. 

That is brilliant, he is impressive but I have watched him a bit lately and just cannot get my head round him being 16. He looks nearly 30 (now awaits some Unicorn quality retorts aimed my way).

Question Author

Togo, I use

Right click and copy vid from twitter (other media sites are available)

Paste the twitter url vid you want in the box

Press start

Another window will open ...just close it (advertising)

Then press download MP4...a vid will appear

Right click 'copy video address' and paste here. 

A very mature looking 16 year old

Ahhh shame. The ap won't download YTube videos. I thought we may have got a solution the the site problem with them. Still useful though. 

I watched it last night and he was just incredible! Apart from also struggling to accept that he is just 16;when he looks like he's 30 with a mortgage & a dog lol, he seems an incredibly humble kid, and well deserved the win. If this is how he can play at 16 then goodness knows what he's going to be like in a couple of years! 

1 to 14 of 14rss feed

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Darts Luke Littler

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